Red Boiling Springs holds council meeting

By Crystal Justice - For the MCT

The Red Boiling Springs City Council met in regular session Thursday, February 9, 2017 at 7 p.m. Mayor Tom Fultz was presiding with the following council members present: Lee Butrum, Joel Coe, George McCrary, Joseph Reardon and Cynthia Smalling. Absent: Joe Hill.

Approval of minutes of January 10th; McCrary motioned, seconded by Rearden. Approval of minutes of January 12th; Rearden motioned, seconded by McCrary.

Adopt Ordinance #17-2, updating building codes, on second and final reading. Continued to next meeting.

Adopt Resolution #2-10-17, Public Records, on first reading. Coe motioned, seconded by Smalling.

Adopt Resolution #2-9-17, endorsing the appointment of Richard Driver for a term of six years as a member of the North Central Solid Waste Planning board. McCrary motioned, seconded by Coe.

Police Department-Chief Terry Tuck discussed the importance of having a competitive pay scale, and $.25 night shift differential pay. Currently, regular patrolman start out at $13.50. Tuck suggested $14.50 for regular patrolman, to top out in six years, and $17 for Asst. Chief of Police, to top out in six years. Adopt Ordinance #17-4, new pay scale for Police Department. Rearden motioned, seconded by Smalling. Asst. Chief of Police Jimmy Morgan has turned in his resignation; Kevin Woodard has been selected as new Asst. Chief of Police. Mark Bartley, potential patrolman, was introduced to the council by Chief Tuck. Coe made the motion to hire, seconded by Butrum.

Utilities Department-approve annual evaluation salary increase $1 per hour for Daniel Carr. McCrary motioned, seconded by Butrum.

Fire Department-Chief Randall Bray stated the department responded to two fire calls and ten rescue calls. Seventeen members were present at the monthly meeting. Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus certification will cost $1500; Rearden motioned to schedule training, seconded by Smalling. Department currently working with John Patton to bring back the AMA Long Hungry Creek Race, proposed dates are July 30th or August 6th. Car show is scheduled for June 10th and will be held at the new park expansion located at Old Lake Road and Bennett Hill.

Planning Commission-Adopt Ordinance #17-3, updating zoning ordinance to include uses within the C-1 and C-2 commercial zoning districts that are consistent with the alcoholic beverages code of ordinance, on first reading. Coe motioned, seconded by Butrum.

Set public hearing date on proposed Ordinance # 17-3 for March 9th @ 6:55 p.m. Rearden motioned, seconded by McCrary.

Other Business-Ordinance #17-5, removing two year residence requirement from alcoholic beverage ordinance. Coe motioned, seconded by Butrum. Coby Knight designated person for all alcoholic beverage inquiries. Mayor Fultz appointed McCrary, Butrum and himself to the Alcoholic Beverage Board. City audit is available.

Meeting adjourned.

By Crystal Justice

For the MCT

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