Chandlers 8th grade class to hold dance at courthouse

By Chris Cooper - [email protected]

The Tuesday, Jan. 24th meeting of the Logan County Fiscal Court lasted approximately three hours. All magistrates were present except Drexel Johnson.

The meeting opened with Luke Brown and Thomas Kash representing their 8th grade class at Chandlers during Tuesday’s meeting. The 8th grade class will be hosting its dance at the historic Logan County Courthouse Friday, May 5. Brown and Kash stepped up to the podium at the meeting asking for permission to have the dance at the courthouse. According to Dee Dee Brown, Luke’s mother, the school does not sponsor the 8th grade dances.

“The class wanted to save money by not having to rent a venue,” said Brown, “So the class decided to ask to use the courthouse.”

There will be numerous chaperons at the dance, along with local law enforcement to assure safety. There are 49 graduating in the Chandler’s 8th grade class.

“I think it’s a good idea,” said magistrate Jack Crossley. “As long as it’s maintained.”

* Jailer Phil Gregory gave a report Tuesday starting out with the population at the detention center of 197 inmates (81 county and 116 state). Gregory also introduced GED instructor Carolyn Bell, who serves as full-time facilitator and teacher of the GED, NCRC, and MRT programs.

“I am proud of all our programs at the jail,” said Gregory, who boasted more GED diplomas this year then last. Magistrate Jo Orange disagreed with Gregory on that account, however, Bell backed up his statement.

Inmates who earn their GEDs receive time off of their sentences.

During Tuesday’s fiscal court meeting, judge executive Logan Chick noted a recent visit to the detention center. He said he was there for approximately one and a half hours and found the facility to be very clean, quiet and organized.

Magistrate Dickie Carter asked jailer Gregory how many employees had been fired at the jail and how many had quit since he was elected.

“I don’t have those numbers with me,” answered Gregory. “You can probably get those from human resources.”

Later in the meeting Carter asked Gregory again. The jailer pulled out a piece of paper which held Kentucky Revised Statute 71.060 stating the jailer shall be responsible for the appointment and removal of jail personnel and the jailer may dismiss his deputies at any time with cause.

Before Gregory was finished with his report, he requested a promotion and was granted one for guard John Parker to become a Captain. “He is doing an excellent job,” said Gregory. Parker will go from a pay-grade of 22 to 24.

* Kathy Bagby was given a nod of approval Tuesday to serve on the Logan County Extension Board for a term of three years by the fiscal court. Bagby was recommended by the board.

* A little competition was apparent Tuesday as two companies battled to be awarded the county road department’s uniform business. In the end the fiscal court decided to change providers from Aramark to Unifirst at the recommendation of Road Supervisor Paul Lyne.

“I think it’s time for a change,” said Lyne. Unifirst will be providing service for for $87.58 per week. The court tabled the official decision, however, until the next court date to allow time to look over the contract.

* A change order was approved Tuesday for TP Mechanical, the company who was hired by the county to work on the jail’s boiler and showers. The change order was for $4,554 to remove some of the wall behind the showers. Magistrate Dickie Carter voted no.

*The court is looking into purchasing new chairs for the courtroom. Magistrates use the chairs during court meetings, and chairs are used for those who have business with the court. The current 25 plus chairs that now reside in the courtroom are old and have been repaired in the past. Many are torn and tapped. The court is looking into cost effective options to bring back to the next fiscal court meeting.

* The court approved putting out specs for an ambulance remount. According to Logan County Ambulance Director John Holder, the service is in real good shape. Each year the court must decide to either remount or purchase another ambulance.

* Members of the fiscal court approved to pay for $793 of materials to repair kennels doors at the Logan County Animal Shelter. Magistrate Barry Joe Wright helped out by taking a few of the doors home with him and fitting them with a galvanized material fencing. It worked so well, the Humane Society Board members asked the court and were granted, funds to outfit the rest of the kennel doors, which have suffered ware and tear over the years.

* Magistrates adopted the state mandate for travel expenses. The change will now require county employees who travel for work to use a certain amount for each meal instead of just allowing for one day sums. If the employee goes over the allotted amount, they will be required to pay it back.

By Chris Cooper

[email protected]

To contact Chris Cooper, email [email protected] or call 270-726-8394.

To contact Chris Cooper, email [email protected] or call 270-726-8394.

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