Schools miss first snow day of the year

By OJ Stapleton - [email protected]

On Friday, both the Logan County and Russellville Independent school systems missed their first day of classes due to snow and ice that coated roadways on Thursday night.

Some neighboring school districts even closed school early on Thursday in advance of the storm, but the snow and ice didn’t come until well after students were out of school here.

“The roads were just slick and it got that way really quick Thursday night,” said Logan County schools superintendent Paul Mullins. “There were still several slick areas out in the county on Friday afternoon, because it never got any warmer. It wasn’t a hard call at all.”

While school was out, the Clash of the Cats basketball games at Russellville High School were still able to go on thanks to an assist from the city of Russellville.

Superintendent Leon Smith sent Russellville Mayor Mark Stratton a letter thanking him for the support on Friday.

“On behalf of our district, while at home sick, you contacted me to see if there was anything your staff could do to help clear our high school parking lot for the Clash of the Cats,” Smith said in his letter to Stratton. “Coach (John) Myers said the salt we had was working but not very fast. Your street department came in and spread calcium chloride that worked great and provided the melt needed to play our game on Friday night. We were the only basketball game in the 4th Region who were able to play our games on Friday. Thanks again for you continued support of our school district! We are very blessed to have you leading the City of Russellville!”

Students were back in school on Monday morning, but must make up the day from Friday.

Smith announced that his Russellville district will be using Friday, Feb. 17 as a makeup day.

Mullins said that the board approved schedule for Logan County says that the first five days of spring break will be used first as makeup days. After they are used, then the district can start using the Non-traditional instruction (NTI) days.

“We have up to 10 of those we can use, but it is my intention to not use all 10 unless we just really have to,” Mullins said.

Students will work on pre-made assignments on any NTI days. The work can be accessed either over the Internet, or with printed packets that were sent home with students this week.

By OJ Stapleton

[email protected]

To contact OJ Stapleton, email [email protected] or call 270-726-8394.

To contact OJ Stapleton, email [email protected] or call 270-726-8394.

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