Sheriff’s Department has new K-9 officer

By Chris Cooper -

Deputy Jakop Smith and Ryker

A new officer has been hired by the Logan County Sheriff’s Department and he will be on the streets soon after completing his four week training.

Canine officer “Ryker” and his handler Jakop Smith are currently going through training together in Hendersonville, getting Ryker ready to take on illegal drug activity in Logan County.

Ryker and deputy Smith were introduced Tuesday, July 28 during the Logan County Fiscal Court meeting. Smith said Ryker was a great dog and although young, was doing a great job in training.

“He is doing so well with his verbal commands,” said Smith. “I believe he will make a great addition to the department. Smith has been with the Logan County Sheriff’s Department a little over a year now.

Ryker is considered a passive-aggressive dog, which means he will not scratch at a vehicle if he identifies illegal drugs, but instead place his nose where the drugs are being recognized.

This is the second canine officer employed by the sheriff’s department. The other canine is Jinx. Canine officers play a valuable role in the community. They patrol the streets for illegal drugs, making them safer for those who travel. Ryker can also track for missing persons if needed.

When off duty, canine officers are members of the family to their handlers.

The most popular breeds chosen for police work include German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois and Dutch Shepherds due to their predictable temperament, size, agility and eagerness to please. Costs can range from $7,000 to over $20,000 depending on the dog’s level of training.

Ryker is 19 months old, is a Belgian Malinois, and came from Mexico. He cost $7,500.

Deputy Jakop Smith and Ryker Jakop Smith and Ryker

By Chris Cooper

To contact Chris Cooper, email or call 270-726-8394.

To contact Chris Cooper, email or call 270-726-8394.

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