County road department ready for winter

By Chris Cooper - [email protected]

With one icing already behind us, ol’ man winter has now moved in bringing with him weather that will most likely cause problems for at least the next few months. Preparing for the worst, Logan County Road Supervisor Paul Lyne and his crew are ready for what will come, hoping for the best.

“We have been doing a lot of maintenance on our snow equipment,” said Lyne. “We are getting ready for any winter weather event we may have. We are pretty good on salt. We have 100 tons stored in case we need it. Of course we won’t use it unless it will work like in a big snow event.”

Lyne said salt doesn’t really work when it is so cold out, especially with ice. You get very little results using salt when it is under 28 degrees and there is not a lot of sunshine involved, said Lyne. “The cost is pretty high to go out and pour it for nothing,” Lyne said.

Hills and curves get the salt mostly, but it is best when poured after it’s graded.

The county road department currently has two road graders, three tractors with grader blades, and three trucks with blades and salt capability.

“We can cover a good portion of the county in a couple of days if it snows,” said Lyne. “It takes that long to get everything.”

It is rare, said the road supervisor, that the whole county gets hit at once, but he admits it can happen.

“Last year when we got the 13 inches it seemed to hit the whole county and that is when it gets rough,” said Lyne.

Lyne said he is thankful to the farmers and magistrates who get out and help during those events.

“Last year we had the perfect storm, but we just kept working,” Lyne said.

The ice is the most dangerous and there is not much you can do when that hits, Lyne added. “There are times you have to be careful being out because you can become part of the problem really fast,” said Lyne.

Patience is what Lyne really asks for when these wintry events come along. Most times the community is very understanding. “We get to everyone eventually, sometimes it may take a little time,” Lyne said.

The supervisor wants to remind the citizens of Logan County there is little his department can do about piling snow in the driveways. When a snow plow clears a road, most times snow will pile at the entrance of a driveway or in front of the mail box. Lyne said it is impossible for the crews to stop at every driveway and clear the snow.

“We are trying to clear the roads as fast as we can so the citizens can get out of their homes if needed,” said Lyne. “I know that causes problems for some having to get out and shovel their driveways. Believe me if we could, we would, but unfortunately, it’s something that just happens when you grade and there isn’t enough time to stop and clear it.”

There is over 28,0oo people in Logan County and over 500 miles of roadway to clear.

“If someone is elderly or handicap, we will try to take care of the ends of their driveways,” said Lyne. “You just have to call.”

By Chris Cooper

[email protected]

To contact Chris Cooper, email [email protected] or call 270-726-8394.

To contact Chris Cooper, email [email protected] or call 270-726-8394.

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