Logan County Fiscal Court tidbits

By Chris Cooper - ccooper@newsdemocratleader.com

The following are tidbits of news that came out of Tuesday’s Logan County Fiscal Court meeting.

The Logan County Sheriff’s Department has a new K-9 drug dog named “Ryker.” His handler is deputy Jakob Smith. He and Ryker are currently taking a four-week training course in Hendersonville. Ryker is the second K-9 dog the department has. He cost $7,500. Ryker is a passive-aggressive officer, which means he will not scratch where he searches, but instead place his nose when identifying illegal drugs.

Sheriff Wallace Whittaker received a quote of $1,771 to expand and repair fencing at one of the county’s impound lots. Inmates will be used for labor which will cut down on costs for the project.

Also during Tuesday’s meeting, Sheriff Whittaker asked to purchase three used cruisers from Missouri for $26,000 each. Magistrates felt it would be better to purchase two new ones for $32,000 each. The price reflects all equipment and painting required on the cruisers. Whittaker said he has been having problems with the three high mileage cruisers and they needed to be replaced. Whittaker said he did not care to buy new vehicles if that was what the court wished.

Jailer Phil Gregory reported there were 172 inmates at the county jail as of Tuesday morning. Eighty of those inmates are classified as “state,” which means a percentage of their stay is paid for by the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The 92 others are classified as “county,” which means county tax dollars pay for their stay. This is a record high in state inmate numbers for the local detention center. Jailer Gregory is trying to increase state numbers to help alleviate the county’s spending on the jail.

Gregory also reported at Tuesday’s meeting that he would like to surplus nine single beds the jail has no need for and give them to Simpson County. He said the Simpson County Jail has been very helpful to the Logan County Jail and felt it would be a good gesture to give them the beds. The court agreed.

South Central Kentucky Drug Task Force Director Jacky Hunt gave a report Tuesday. From June 15-July 27 there have been 46 drug investigations. They include: 13 methamphetamine cases, eight cocaine cases, 10 prescription drug cases, 14 marijuana cases and one heroin case.

The county will be purchasing a $6,000 box to be put onto one of its existing ambulances. Med 11 is in need of an overhaul and with the recent regulations passed by the state and federal government concerning ambulances, now is the time to do so. Com-Care, Inc.- the company who contracts to run the county’s service- located a used ambulance that can be used to refurbish Med 11. This is a move that will save the county hundreds of dollars in the future, said Logan County Ambulance Director Shane Johnson.

The county accepted a 100 foot steel bridge from Simpson County for $3,650, which is the cost for moving the bridge to the county’s road barn. Simpson County will be putting a ford back in where the bridge was. The county wanted to know if Logan would be interested in taking it. The bridge is just four years old and can be sectioned out to be used for more than one project if needed.

The county agreed to take on Karis Road, Laura Ct. and Rkyle Ct. to the county’s road system Tuesday. All roads are located in the back section of Stonewall Subdivision.

By Chris Cooper


To contact Chris Cooper, email ccooper@newsdemocratleader.com or call 270-726-8394.

To contact Chris Cooper, email ccooper@newsdemocratleader.com or call 270-726-8394.

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