Logan County Jail Report

10/19/2016-Annis, Anthony R.-theft by failure to make required disp of property $10,000 or more-receiving stolen property u/$10,000

10/15/2016-Armstrong, Crystal G.-serving warrant (for other police agency)-burglary, 2nd degree-tbut or disp all others u/$500

10/14/2016-Biggs, Tiffany N.-failure to appear

10/19/2016-Caldwell, Angela O.-alcohol intox in a public place (1st & 2nd offense-disorderly conduct, 2nd degree-terroristic threatening, 3rd degree-serving warrant (for other police agency)-serving bench warrant for court

10/18/2016-Case, James Daniel-failure of owner to maintain required ins/sec, 1st off-tampering with physical evidence-oper mtr veh u/influ alc/drugs/etc. .08 (agg circum) 3rd off-driving dui suspended license – 2nd off (agg circum)-failure to notify adrs change to dept of trans

10/15/2016-Cheatam, Kayla N.-public intoxication-control sub(excludes alcohol)

10/14/2016-Cole, Joshua H.-public intoxication-control sub(excludes alcohol)

10/19/2016-Collins, Craig Devay-serving warrant (for other police agency)-assault, 4th degree (minor injury)

10/18/2016-Coombs, David C.-traff in cont sub, 1st deg, 1st off-(>or=2gms heroin but<100 gms heroin)

10/15/2016-Deberry, Amber Beth-serving bench warrant for court-flagrant non support-tbut or disp shoplifting u/$500

10/15/2016-Deloney, Rahsaan Kareem-speeding 26 mph or > speed limit-oper mtr vehicle u/influ alc/drugs/etc. .08 (agg circum) 1st off

10/19/2016-Doss, Cory M.-abandonment of minor-no registration plates

10/18/2016-Dukes, Jason Lee-operating on sus or rev oper license

10/13/2016-Epley, Edwin W.-serving bench warrant for court

10/19/2016-Evans, Stacy Danielle-serving bench warrant for court-serving bench warrant for court

10/13/2016-Farmer, Dewayne D.-non payment of fines

10/13/2016-Fisher, Kelli A.-public intoxication-control sub(excludes alcohol)

10/18/2016-Garrard, Scott E.-traff in cont sub, 1st degree, 2nd or > – (< 2 gms methamphetamine)

10/14/2016-Garren, Charles H.-poss cont sub 1st deg, 1st off (methamphetamine)

10/14/2016-Grace, Mandy J.-serving bench warrant for court-theft by deception-include cold checks u/$10,000-shock probation in felony convictions-make false state.to prevent reduct of beneft o/100-contempt of court libel/slander resistance to order-theft of motor vehicle registration plate-serving parole violation warrant

10/19/2016-Hayden, Kechia D.-theft by fail to mak req disp of property $500 < $10,000

10/13/2016-Hester, Kenneth S.-serving bench warrant for court-speed 18 mph over limit-failure to notify adrs change to dept of trans-operating on sus or rev oper license

10/19/2016-Hicks, Timothy B.-receiving stolen property u/$10,000-burglary, 3rd degree-fleeing or evading police, 1st degree (motor vehicle)

10/15/2016-Hinojoza, Eric Alberto-oper mtr vehicle u/influence alc/drugs/etc. .08 – 1st off-poss of marijuana-drug paraphernalia – buy/possess

10/19/2016-Hubbard, Stacy Lynne-serving bench warrant for court-tbut or disp shoplifting u/$500-probation violation (for felony offense)-disorderly conduct, 1st degree-resisting arrest-assault 3rd degree-police officer or prob officer

10/17/2016-Hughes, Keith Conrad-non payment of fines

10/19/2016-Hurst, Jennifer Renee-revoked probation

10/15/2016-Johnson, Jessie T.-failure to appear

10/19/2016-Kellerhaus, Charles B.-flagrant non support

10/19/2016-King, Darrell Spencer-non payment of fines-serving warrant (for other police agency)-flagrant non support

10/18/2016-Laster, Norma J.-unlawful possession of meth precursor, 1st off-rear license not illuminated-manufacturing methamphetamine, 1st off-serving bench warrant for court

10/16/2016-Leeman, Tony R.-assault, 4th degree (domestic violence) Minor injury

10/14/2016-Lowe, James G.-traf in cont sub 1st offense

10/17/2016-Martin, Ronald Jr.-poss cont sub 1st deg, 1st off (methamphetamine)-drug paraphernalia – buy/possess

10/14/2016-Morgan, Donald James-theft of identity of another w/o consent-flagrant non support

10/18/2016-Morgan, James Dustin-burglary, 3rd degree

10/19/2016-Partin Evans, Lisa Ann-TBUT or disp shoplifting u/$500-public intoxication-control sub(excludes alcohol)-serving bench warrant for court-serving parole violation warrant-no registration plates-display of illegal/altered registration plate-failure of non-owner operator to maintain req ins/sec, 1st off-tbut or disp shoplifting u/$500

10/15/2016-Peck, Austin Tyler-public intoxication-control sub(excludes alcohol)

10/18/2016-Pope, Christopher Alexander-possession of firearm by convicted felon

10/18/2016-Rabe, Michael J.-burglary, 2nd degree-burglary, 3rd degree-receiving stolen property $10,000 or more

10/18/2016-Rice, Samantha R.-driving on dui suspended license -1st offense

10/13/2016-Richmond, Sarah N.-oper mtr vehicle u/influ alc/drugs/etc. .08 (agg circum) 1st off-drug paraphernalia – buy/possess-poss cont sub 1st deg 1st off (drug unspecified)-prescription cont sub not proper contain 1st off-tampering with physical evidence-persistent felony offender ii

10/19/2016-Roark, Brandy Ann-serving bench warrant for court-serving bench warrant for court-tbut or disp shoplifting u/$500

10/14/2016-Salihovic, Hajro-fraud use of cred card after report lost/stolen $500 < $10,000 w/6 mo

10/14/2016-Sanders, Michael B.-traf in cont sub 1st offense-traf in marijuana ( less than 8 oz.) 1st off

10/18/2016-Shrum, Courtney S.-failure of non-owner operator to maintain req ins/sec, 2nd off

10/19/2016-Sparks, Stacey Lynn-serving bench warrant for court-serving warrant (for other police agency)-receiving stolen property u/$500-traff in cont sub, 1st degree, 1st off – (< 10d.u.drugunspecified sch 1 & 2)-oper mtr vehicle u/influence alc/drugs/etc. .08 – 1st off-poss of marijuana-failure of owner to maintain required ins/sec, 1st off-failure to or improper signal-tampering with physical evidence-failure to wear seat belts-promoting contraband – 1st degree

10/17/2016-Spicer, Lanette D.-alcohol intox in a public place (1st & 2nd offense

10/16/2016-Stewart, Tony Wesley-assault, 4th degree (domestic violence) No visible injury

10/16/2016-Sydnor, Mark Eugene-burglary, 3rd degree-tbut or disp from building u/$500-tampering with physical evidence

10/14/2016-Tolson, James A.-burglary, 3rd degree

10/17/2016-Tucker, Christopher Michael-serving bench warrant for court-oper mtr vehicle u/influence alc/drugs/etc. .08 – 1st off-non payment of fines

10/19/2016-Ward, Brittany Leeann Leshay-serving warrant (for other police agency)

10/14/2016-Webb, Jason W.-traf cont sub 1st deg 2nd > off (pcp)

10/19/2016-Webster, Christopher M.-oper mtr vehicle u/influence alc/drugs/etc. .08 – 1st off-poss of marijuana-drug paraphernalia – buy/possess-poss of open alc beverage cont in motor veh prohibited

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