Logan County Jail Report

10/11/2016-Bailey, Robert H.-hold for other

10/06/2016-Brown, Jessica L.-non payment of fines

10/10/2016-Collins, Rickshard Douglas-here for court

10/11/2016-Cowles, HANK W.-tbut or disp all others u/$500

10/09/2016-Crafton, Anthony E.-serving bench warrant for court

10/09/2016-Crafton, Patrick N.-oper mtr vehicle u/influence alc/drugs/etc. .08 – 1st off

10/10/2016-Creek, Vivan H.-speeding 26 mph or > speed limit-reckless driving-improper start from parked position-disregarding traffic cont dev-traffic light-fleeing or evading police, 2nd degree (motor vehicle)-license to be in possession-failure to produce insurance card

10/12/2016-Curry, Jason A.-drug paraphernalia – buy/possess-theft by deception-include cold checks u/$500

10/12/2016-Edwards, Damien A.-promoting contraband – 2nd degree-non payment of fines

10/11/2016-England, Justin T.-poss cont sub, 1st degree, 2nd offense (methamphetamine)-poss cont sub 1st deg 1st off (heroin)-poss cont sub 1st deg 1st off (drug unspecified)-drug paraphernalia – buy/possess

10/12/2016-Evans, Domineek D.-here for court

10/12/2016-Finn, Travis S.-poss cont sub 1st deg, 1st off (methamphetamine)

10/08/2016-Gibson, Ronald A.-traf in cont sub 1st offense

10/12/2016-Goosetree, Zachery D.-no operators-moped license-failure of non-owner operator to maintain req ins/sec, 1st off-poss cont sub 1st deg, 1st off (methamphetamine)-poss cont sub 1st deg 1st off (opiates)-drug paraphernalia – buy/possess

10/06/2016-Hendricks, Mark A.-non payment of fines

10/08/2016-Hensley, Raymond T.-traff in cont sub, 1st degree, 1st off – (< 2 gms methamphetamine)

10/08/2016-Howard, Kevin Lee-criminal poss of forged instr 2nd degree(identify)-receiving stolen property u/$500-tampering with physical evidence-receiving stolen property u/$500-criminal poss of forged instr 2nd degree(identify-burglary, 2nd degree-tbut or disp all others u/$500-unlawful transaction w/minor 2nd deg-unlawful transaction w/minor 2nd deg-burglary, 3rd degree-manslaughter 2nd degree-tampering with physical evidence

10/09/2016-Hunter, Stephen P.-robbery, 2nd degree-tampering with physical evidence-tbut or disp all others $500 or more but u/$10,000

10/06/2016-Johnson, Billy R.-assault, 4th degree (domestic violence) Minor injury

10/11/2016-Lawson, Leonard preston-oper mtr vehicle u/influ alc/drugs/etc. .08 (agg circum) 1st off

10/06/2016-Long, Earl W.-probation violation (for felony offense)-serving warrant (for other police agency)

10/07/2016-Matthews, Gary D.-non payment of fines-theft by deception-include cold checks u/$500-non payment of fines

10/12/2016-Maxfield, Randall Howard-hold for other

10/08/2016-McClain, Jeffery-traf cont sub 1st deg 1st off (LSD)

10/06/2016-Moon, Kayla M.-TBUT or disp shoplifting u/$500

10/06/2016-Moore, Christopher W.-poss cont sub 1st deg, 1st off (methamphetamine)-promoting contraband – 1st degree-drug paraphernalia – buy/possess

10/06/2016-Powell, Trenton D.-assault, 4th degree (domestic violence) No visible injury; 00441-wanton endangerment-2nd degree

10/06/2016-Rice, Samantha R.-non payment of fines

10/08/2016-Salmon, Thomas J.-speeding 25 mph over limit-driving on dui suspended license -1st offense-no registration plates

10/08/2016-Sanford, Stephen T.-poss cont sub 1st deg, 1st off (methamphetamine)-theft by unlawful taking (anhydrous ammonia)

10/08/2016-Setser, Jerrica A.-theft of motor vehicle registration plate

10/11/2016-Shockley-Couslan, Brenden Tyler-poss of marijuana-drug paraphernalia – buy/possess

10/12/2016-Terry, Blayne Michael-hold for other

10/08/2016-Thomas, Charles Shelton-traf cont sub 1st deg 1st off (LSD)

10/08/2016-Turner, Samantha J.-poss cont sub 1st deg 1st off (drug unspecified)

10/10/2016-Watkins, Sajuan J.-poss of marijuana-drug paraphernalia – buy/possess

10/06/2016-Wells, Stephanie L.-non-payment of fines

10/09/2016-Williams, Michael S.-no registration plates-failure of owner to maintain required ins/sec, 1st off-non payment of fines

10/07/2016-Wilson, Jeremy W.-oper mtr vehicle u/influence alc/drugs/etc. .08 – 1st off

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