Pennyrile Electric stages utility crews in Tallahassee to assist in power restoration

As many prepare for the impact of Hurricane Matthew, many cooperatives, like Pennyrile Electric, are gearing up to assist in restoring power to those affected.

Thursday morning, five Pennyrile Electric linemen left for Tallahassee, Fla., where they will be staged until the storm has moved through. In coordination with Fort Pierce Utilities Authority, Pennyrile Electric crews will be assigned to the areas where they are needed.

“Cooperation among cooperatives is one of the seven principles in which cooperatives were founded,” said Greg Grissom, Pennyrile Electric President & CEO. “We often depend on assistance from other electric utilities in the aftermath of natural disasters, like the ice storm of 2009. This time, we have an opportunity to help others.”

Pennyrile Electric Manager of Operations, Mike Stokes said, “Providing mutual aid during natural disasters is a common practice in the electric utility family. When our employees see the opportunity to assist their fellow line crews and restore power to people in need, they do not have to be asked, they’re ready!”

At this point, it is uncertain how long mutual aid will be needed in the areas affected. If power restoration is expected to last more than 10 days to two weeks, Pennyrile Electric plans to relieve their personnel with additional crews.

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