Logan County Jail Report

09/21/2016-Allen, Wilford R.-poss cont sub 1st deg 1st off (opiates)-poss cont sub, 1st degree, 2nd offense- heroin

09/16/2016-Alvarez, Jesus G.-careless driving-criminal poss of forged instr 2nd degree (identify)-no operators-moped license-failure of owner to maintain required ins/sec, 1st off

09/17/2016-Barbee, Jonathon Pierre-Assault, 2nd degree – domestic violence

09/21/2016-Bennett, Mark S.-driving dui suspended license – 1st off (agg circum)-oper mtr veh u/influ alc/drugs/etc. .08 (agg circum) 4th or >-alcohol intox in a public place (1st & 2nd offense

09/18/2016-Bradshaw, Anthony D.-oper mtr vehicle u/influ alc/drugs/etc. .08 (agg circum) 1st off

09/15/2016-Brewer, Michael J.-TBUT or disp auto – $500 or more but u/$10,000-criminal mischief, 1st degree-burglary, 3rd degree

09/20/2016-Brumfield, Lindsey N.-failure to appear

09/21/2016-Clontz, Crystal A.-poss cont sub 1st deg 1st off (heroin)

09/19/2016-Davis, Joshua Keith-criminal trespassing-2nd degree-non payment of fines

09/21/2016-Eggers, Wesley P.-wanton endangerment-1st degree

09/21/2016-Elliott, Andrea D.-poss cont sub 1st deg 1st off (heroin)-tampering with physical evidence

09/17/2016-Flora, Harold Kevin-assault, 4th degree (domestic violence) No visible injury-criminal mischief 3rd degree-resisting arrest

09/17/2016-Forgy, Dillion L.-violation of a kentucky epo/dvo-assault, 4th degree (domestic violence) Minor injury-burglary, 3rd degree

09/20/2016-Hines, James Lucia-serving bench warrant for court-careless driving-c.d.l. (Operating vehicle while suspended)

09/21/2016-Hoover, Tara L.-theft by unlawful taking or disposition

09/21/2016-Jordan, Joekeyta L.-traff in cont sub, 1st degree, 1st off – (< 10d.u.drugunspecified sch 1 &2)-traf in cont sub 2nd or > offense

09/21/2016-Lewis II, Terry N.-flagrant non support

09/20/2016-Mallory, Tony Frederick-criminal mischief 3rd degree-receiving stolen property u/$10,000-persistent felony offender ii-burglary, 3rd degree

09/21/2016-Melander, Jona L.-license plate not legible-failure of owner to maintain required ins/sec, 1st off-poss cont sub 1st deg, 1st off (methamphetamine)-drug paraphernalia – buy/possess-driving on dui suspended license -1st offense

09/21/2016-Miller-Parker, Leslie R.-wanton endangerment-1st degree-poss cont sub 1st deg, 1st off (methamphetamine)

09/21/2016-Munday, Trent J.-operating on sus or rev oper license-assault, 4th degree (no visible injury)-assault 3rd degree – inmate assault on corr. Empl.-non payment of fines

09/21/2016-Sale, Zachery R.-no registration plates-failure of owner to maintain required ins/sec, 1st off-non payment of fines

09/19/2016-Taylor, Patrick A.-poss of marijuana-drug paraphernalia – buy/possess-non payment of fines

09/21/2016-Warren, James H.-traff cont sub within 1,000 feet of school

09/20/2016-Williams, Eddrecus J.-assault, 4th degree (no visible injury)

09/15/2016-Wilson, Amanda Kaye-serving bench warrant for court-theft by deception-include cold checks u/$500-failure of owner to maintain required ins/sec, 2nd off

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