County passes humane society annual contract

The court approved the annual contract between the Humane Society and the county Tuesday, July 14, but not before shelter director Tracy Moser gave an answer to why she cannot go on other people’s property and take their animals.

“We are going to follow the law,” said Moser when first district magistrate Dickie Carter asked her what she was going to do when someone had a complaint of a dog on their property.

Carter was the sole magistrate that voted no on passing the contract, saying he had just gotten it that morning and hadn’t had time to read through it.

“This contract should have been made available before July 1st. I wouldn’t be doing the citizens of Logan County justice if I voted to pass this contract now without reading through it,” said Carter. “I need a little more time.”

The contract is basically the same as in years past with a few changes that include requiring the humane society to make quarterly reports to the fiscal court, allow a periodic walk through at the shelter, and allow the Bowling Green Warren County Humane Society to visit the shelter and make recommendations regarding animal population/health/etc.

One of Carter’s biggest concerns was animal control, which is part of the contract. The animal control officer is under the authority of the humane society. Carter said he has gotten complaint after complaint of dogs on other people’s property and no one goes and gets them.

“I’m concerned about the dog catcher part,” said Carter, who also said someone had told him he and fellow magistrate Jack Crossley had been singled out by the humane society as not supportive on Facebook.

Moser told Carter that by law she had no authority to take people’s dogs from their property. She said if someone called and complained about a neighbor’s dog on their property they are to call dispatch and report it. But if it were back on its own property when animal control got there, they had no authority to go and get it.

“Our job is animal control, our job is not to settle neighbor disputes,” said Moser.

Carter told Moser he couldn’t talk to her anymore. Moser said, “Why, because I’m answering your questions?”

Carter said he just wanted to know if they could contact the owner of the dog the complaint was on and give them a warning. Moser said they do that.

Along with passing the contract, Moser turned in a shelter report for the months of May and June 2015. According to the report there were 142 intakes in May- 18 adoptions, 9 reclaimed by owners, 57 transferred to shelters and rescues and 26 euthanized. There were also 142 intakes in June- 29 adoptions, 3 dead on arrival, 8 reclaimed by owners, 17 transferred to shelters and rescues and 70 euthanized.

According to the report compiled by the Logan County Humane Society the animals euthanized were for age, aggression, sickness, injuries, abuse, neglect or they were hit by a car.

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