Fiscal Court news

Tuesday’s meeting of the Logan County Fiscal Court began with magistrate Dickie Carter questioning sheriff Wallace Whittaker and a few department heads on bills they accrued.

Carter asked Whittaker why he used Dennis Wright for so many jobs.

“I think it looks bad on the county when one business is used more than another,” said Carter who has brought up the issue several times before.

Whittaker told Carter Wright has always handled the towing for vehicles confiscated from drug busts.

“Other business can pull vehicles to he impound lot too,” said Carter.

Discussion ended when Whittaker told Carter his opinion was noted.

Other questions Carter had included parts and labor for the justice center, HVAC units at the sheriff’s department and the jail, asphalt at the road department and repairing of an older model vehicle driven by road supervisor Paul Lyne.

At Tuesday’s meeting sheriff Whittaker to the court Eric Evans will become the new school resource officer for the Logan County elementary/middle schools. His salary will be split between the board of education and the sheriff’s department during school months. Evans is a retired Kentucky State Trooper with over 20 years of experience. He is also the Logan County soccer coach.

Also hired was a full-time mechanic for the road department. Eric Porter will be the first full-time mechanic the department has had in years. Chris Silvey was hired to serve as supervisor of the recycling center as well.

Jailer Phil Gregory reported 158 inmates in the county’s detention center as of Tuesday. There are 66 classified as state and 87 as county.

Magistrate Thomas Bouldin asked for a road hearing for Karis Road, Laura Lane and Rkyle Court in the Stonewall subdivision at Tuesday’s meeting. These streets are in the newly constructed back portion of the subdivision. The front streets of the subdivision are already on the county road system.

The fiscal court approved working with architect Robert Burge and putting out a bid for brick repair on the archives building.

The fiscal court approved annual contributions to the Logan County Tobacco & Heritage Festival for $1,000; the Logan County Fair for $1,000 and the Emancipation Celebration for $200.

The fiscal court increased the maximum and minimum salary range according to the personnel policies and procedures compensation plan by 0.756758 percent.

The fiscal court held a second reading of an ordinance amending the personnel policies and procedure compensation plan and classification plan creating the new position of solid waste assistant-recycling inmate supervising guard and changing the job description of the ECC director changing the overtime provision for the position from exempt to non-exempt.

The fiscal court approved the list of fiscal year 2014-2015 inventory deletions, which is done annually.

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