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By Chris Cooper -

Logan County’s Fiscal Court met Tuesday, July 26, discussing a few items pertaining to the county. One of those included the possible purchasing of earthquake insurance. Insurance provider David Clark pitched the idea to the magistrates reminding them he had brought up the idea in 2011, but the court passed. The little interest five years ago has changed to some wanting to look into the idea and seeing how much it will cost the county.

The plan has changed some from five years ago, now allowing the covered to use it on certain structures instead of a blanket offer.

Magistrate Thomas Bouldin felt the county needed the protection, but wanted Clark to see about getting the deductible higher so as the premiums would be lower. Clark said he can check, but didn’t think it would affect the premiums that much.

“I can check and get back to the court,” said Clark Tuesday, July 26.

Bouldin mentioned seeing if the deductible could be a half a million dollars.

“We can contribute that much,” said Bouldin.

Also discussed Tuesday, July 26, was a new recycling truck to pick up cardboard. The old truck is in need of a motor, but magistrates are not sure they want to sink any additional funding into the old piece of equipment that may require a transmission before long. A new truck would cost approximately $25,000, where as a new engine for an old truck could run $11,000. Paul Lyne, road supervisor, will be coming back to the court in the near future with some additional information.

Magistrates approved to purchase a seven foot tile to be placed near Edwards Station for $4,050. The old tile, which was a train car, had rust and caved in, washing out recently.

The county will be allowing the American Legion Post 258 to utilize space at the historic court house three days a week to help veterans with their benefits.

Quotes came back to blacktop beside the detention center and parking area at the clerk’s office. However, because County Clerk Scottie Harper was absent at the Tuesday, July 26 fiscal court meeting, magistrates tabled the decision until the next fiscal court meeting.

By Chris Cooper

To contact Chris Cooper, email; or call 270-726-8394.

To contact Chris Cooper, email; or call 270-726-8394.

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