Police cruiser burns

On Friday, July 22, 2016, Deputy Billy Poole of the Logan County Sheriff’s Department, attempted to serve a Felony Warrant on Raymond Thomas at Knight Electric on Farmers Drive.

When Thomas saw deputy Poole’s patrol car he took off running on foot behind Knight Electric. Deputy Poole radioed dispatch and several other county and city of Russellville units responded to the area.

Deputy Poole located Thomas inside the stock yard barn but escaped in the rear before other units could arrive.

During the search of the area a Kentucky State Police helicopter was close by and assisted in the search from the air.

Thomas was eventually located lying down in a field across from Wal-Mart.

According to the Russellville Police Department, while searching for Thomas in the woodline, Sgt. Morris Kisselbaugh of Russellville Police Department positioned his cruiser in the adjacent field. Heat from the exhaust of the cruiser caught the dry grass on fire, which engulfed the vehicle. The vehicle has been deemed a complete loss, though no injuries were reported.

Thomas was subsequently located and placed under arrest and charged with fleeing and evading police 2nd degree and criminal mischief 1st degee.

Deputy Poole was assisted by members of the Logan County Sheriffs Department, the Russellville City Police Department, fire units from the Russellville City Fire Department and the Russellville Rural Fire Department and the Logan County EMS.


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