Concerned Citizens raises $900 with community leaders

By Chris Cooper -

Members of the Concerned Citizens of Logan County, along with community leaders held a barbecue Friday, July 15 in front of the Logan County Chamber of Commerce. The event was to help raise money for Concerned Citizens and the many things they do to help the youth.

“We made over $900 Friday,” said Doris Vick of Concerned Citizens. “This will help fund the end of the summer trip for the youth of our summer program, as well as go for our tutoring program and food pantry. This year the Concerned Citizens Summer Camp kids will be wrapping up with a trip to Kentucky Kingdom on Saturday, July 29. A bus will be leaving the KP Hall at 7 p.m. taking about 44 youth plus adults.

“We are very thankful to Logan Chick, Scottie Harper, Phil Gregory, Thomas Bouldin and Joe Ross for coming out to support Concerned Citizens,” said Vick. “We also thank the public for their support as well.”

The barbecue is held every year to help raise funds for the Concerned Citizens. Vick said without the community the Concerned Citizens organization could not exists.

The barbecue featured grilled pork chops, chips, cookies and a drink.

The Concerned Citizens of Logan County offer many programs in the community. They help underprivileged children through a tutoring program, host a camp for kids who could not otherwise have opportunities to experience fun and educational activities during the summer, feed those who cannot afford food through it’s food bank, and collect air conditioners and fans during the summer and heaters during the winter for those who do not have them.

Currently, Concerned Citizens is having an air conditioning and fan drive. They have only received two air conditioners at this point but have gotten several fans. According to Vick, however, they still need more.

“We are still getting calls for the air conditioners and fans,” said Vick. “If you are interested in donating one or both of these, please contact the Concerned Citizens at 270-725-8721, or just stop by the KP Hall at 428 East 5th Street in Russellville.

This is the 11th year the local nonprofit group is conducting the air condition and fan drive. Volunteers are accepting new and used fans and air conditioners in order to get them out to those in need of them in the community.

“People, churches and individuals have been bringing them to us in the summer for the past few years,” said Vick. “Some of the air conditions we get are from where people have them in storage because they have switched to central air so they’re not using them. We are then turning around and giving them to those who cannot afford them, but need them.”

Most of the fans and air conditioners are given to the disabled and the elderly.

“We want to get them to the people that need them most,” Vick said. “Last year we probably got about 40 fans and 12 air conditioners. It’s mostly that many about every year. Usually, we try to give them to people that didn’t get one last year, because we have such a long list of people who need them.”

Vick said that it is a blessing to those who get them and that they always go to those who need them the worst.

By Chris Cooper

To contact Chris Cooper, email or call 270-726-8394.

To contact Chris Cooper, email or call 270-726-8394.

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