Logan schools has NTI dats approved

Even before school officially starts for the 2015-2016 school year, Logan County Schools is already planning for the possibility of winter snow.

The District recently received notification from the Kentucky Department of Education that they were approved for implementation of Non-Traditional Instruction Days, or NTI Days. According to the Department’s website, non-traditional instruction days allows approval for a district to receive up to 10 student attendance days for school districts that have an alternative method of instruction. This program was open to any Kentucky district during 2014-2015, with 13 districts receiving approval. For the upcoming school year, the original 13 were approved for another year, along with 31 new school districts, including Logan County Schools.

Through an application process, Logan County submitted a proposed plan of implementation, including how instruction will be delivered, necessary documentation, and community involvement.

“Our proposed plan includes both web-based instruction and traditional paper packets,” said Dr. Barry W. Goley, Director of Pupil Personnel for Logan County Schools. “Knowing some students may not have internet access at home, we will now this ahead of time and provide those students with paper packets.”

The District’s plan includes assignments in two of the most critical areas: language arts/reading and mathematics. Accessibility to these assignments is capable with a desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone. Additionally, printing assignments is not necessary, as students can complete assignments on regular notebook paper or submit answers online. If students or parents have questions, staff will be available at the schools, or by text, Skype, or email.

The district, however, will continue to use the first week of spring break as make-up days before considering implementing the NTI Days.

“Nothing can truly replace the instruction that occurs in the classroom with the teacher, so we will continue to implement as many traditional instructional days prior to end-of-year testing,” Goley said. “Therefore, as a District, we will implement NTI Days once we have missed our 6th day due to weather.”

As the start of school begins within the following weeks, more information will be sent home with students, including a letter explaining NTI Days. Additionally, parents and families will be asked to submit their method of instruction – web-based or paper packets. With the thoughts of winter snow far from everyone’s mind, Logan County Schools is diligently making preparations for that first snowfall.

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