City approves payment for Forest Park bridge

The City of Russellville approved payment to Scott Murphy and McGhee Engineering Tuesday, July 7 for the Forest Park Bridge Project. The project was competed recently and will protect the area off of the 68-80 Bypass from flooding as it has in the past.

According to Russellville Utilities Director Wayne Thomas, before the bridge was put in there was a very big problem with flooding, not only in residential areas, but industrial sectors as well.

“In the past it has flooded in the Forest Park area so badly it has reached the Carpenter Company,” said Thomas, adding in the past the industry has suffered extensive damage from flooding inside the factory.

The city’s mayor and council felt it was extremely important to fix the flooding problems in this area for those who not only live there, but to assure no interruptions for those who work at the local industry.

“Our local industries are very important to the economy. If they suffer flooding and have to close down at any time, this will affect many a great deal,” said Thomas.

Total cost for the project was $195,424. The city applied for the funding to pay for the project, which also including putting in larger tiles to help water flow.

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