It’s time for rural fire dues

Each year the Logan County rural fire departments ask citizens in their fire districts to pay their fire dues, which helps the departments protect you and your property throughout the year. Well for the Russellville Rural Fire Department, that time has come around again and Russellville Rural Fire Chief Cheryl Allen is asking once again to help her firefighters out.

“It’s that time again for your annual membership dues,” said Allen, expressing her appreciation to all those in the Russellville Rural Fire District for supporting the men and women who risk their lives to help others. Allen said payment of the dues is collected before July 31, 2015, and if good for One year coverage.

“Paying your dues ensures that you will not be billed by the Russellville Rural Fire Department in the event the response of this department is needed,” said Allen, adding that non-payment will result in being billed up to $500 or possibly more if the department is called out to respond to a fire.

“Please help up help you,” said Allen. “Your dues payment is part of our operating budget.” Allen said if anyone outside of the Russellville Rural Fire District receives a notice in error, please let her know that your name needs to be removed from the mailing list.

The rural departments of Adairville, Auburn, Lewisburg and Olmstead also reply on fire dues to help them operate. It is very important to call the fire department in your area to make sure what district you are in before paying your dues, as you want your money to support the fire department that will respond to you if needed.

Adairville Rural Fire Department Dues

From $60 to $150 depending on acreage

Auburn Rural Fire Department Dues

From $35 to $65 depending on acreage

Lewisburg Rural Fire Department Dues

$35 for home, business or farm

Olmstead Rural Fire Department Dues

Residential $30

Farm or Business $50

Russellville Rural Fire Department Dues

Residential $40

Farm $75

Business $100

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