Hinton-White family to offer Thunder Over Lewisburg again

By Chris Cooper - [email protected]

With the explosive success of last year’s Thunder Over Lewisburg extravaganza, the Hinton-White family are gearing up once again to offer a fireworks show you are sure to remember on July 4th. What began as a tribute to the late Clacy and Maxine Hinton, has turned into Logan County’s patriotic showcase for all to enjoy.

Sherri Hinton White and her son Clacy wanted to honor what began over 40 years ago when Sherri’s father started shooting fireworks off at their house on the 4th of July. “It started off being small and grew every year,” said White. White said this is particularly true now after the crowd that last year’s event drew.

“We want to continue this fireworks show for our community,” said White. “It takes a lot of preparation and a lot of dedication, but we feel daddy would be proud, and we want to do this for the community to celebrate our independence and freedom.”

Both of Sherri’s parents were very well known Logan Countians, Clacy ran Hinton Lumber for years and her mother was involved in numerous civic organizations and boards.

“My daddy loved the 4th of July. It was his favorite holiday. It was a time where family and friends could come together and spend time with one another,” said White. “He also loved the fireworks and always entertained us with a show.”

After the senior Hinton passed away, his grandson (who is named after him), began picking up where he had left off.

“He loves the fireworks just as much as his grandfather did,” said White of her son. “Only he is always trying to make it bigger each year. He even spent months getting his license to be able to shoot off the big boys.”

Putting on a fireworks show of this magnitude takes funding as well. Sherri begins fundraising early and tries to find sponsors to help. There are costs associated with the fireworks. You should have a fire protection system and then there is the electrical system that fires the fireworks, as well as the containment of the fireworks.

“We pay for a lot of it ourselves,” said Sherri, “but we do try and get help from businesses, industry and individual contributions. Every little bit helps and all goes toward the show.”

This event will be held on the hill behind the Lewisburg Park. Everyone who comes to the park on the 4th of July at dark will be able to see the show.

The Hintons will place sponsors on a banner and publish them in the newspaper. If anyone wants to donate they can call Sherri at 270-772-3126 for more details.

“We invite the whole community to come out to help us celebrate our country and our parents, and to enjoy fellowship with one another,” said Sherri.

By Chris Cooper

[email protected]

To contact Chris Cooper, email [email protected] or call 270-726-8394.

To contact Chris Cooper, email [email protected] or call 270-726-8394.

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