Hinton-White family thanks community for support

The first annual Hinton’s “Thunder Over Lewisburg” was a complete success and was enjoyed by an estimated one thousand people on Saturday, July 4th at the Lewisburg Park. The exciting event was brought to you by the Hinton and White familes, with fireworks shot off by Clacy White, who carried on his grandfather Clacy Hinton’s legacy of loving the holiday and his community. The event however, could not have been held if it were not for numerous others who stepped up in support of the very expensive endeavor.

“There was a huge turnout and the vendors were shocked and did not expect this from our little town,” said Sherri Hinton White, Clacy Hinton’s daughter and Clacy White’s mother. “We had so many people to thank us for putting the fireworks show on in Lewisburg so that they could enjoy family time that was close to home.”

Sherri said so many people from Lewisburg said it was the biggest crowd ever seen in Lewisburg.

“My sister Deloris and I were so touched from the out pouring of love and support that we received. Susan and Scott Porter and Jeff and Shayla Forgy did a wonderful job keeping things under control at the park. There was a lot of hard work at the park and preparing the fireworks.”

A crew of nine started wiring at 6 a.m. on Saturday, July 4th said Sherri, and they worked nonstop for 13 hours on just wiring.

“So much work went into this event way before the 4th, during the 4th, and after,” Sherri said. “We had a great response for sponsors for the event and I hope we made all of them proud. Clacy White did a great job with the fireworks and his wheels are already spinning for next year. He wants to make it bigger and better each year.”

Sherri said it is her hopes everyone can see what their family is trying to do for the community, and hopes that every one will jump on board next year to make the event happen again.

“Our parents started this over 40 years ago in their back yard and it grew every year,” said Sherri. “My sister and I just want to keep the tradition going along with our children and grandchildren. It’s our way to honor our parents who always gave back to their community.”

The Hintons’ and Whites’ also wanted to honor the memory of Miss Lexi Forgy for the first annual event. Sherri said that sweet little baby girl brought the community together with love and caring in her short time here on earth like she has never seen before.

“I know in my heart that Saturday night my mom and dad were sitting high on those clouds, Miss Lexi was sitting in Mom’s lap with her perfect little body and daddy’s big arms were wrapped around mom’s neck saying…..’look, Max, that’s my boy,’” said Sherri adding, “They would be so proud of how everyone is joining together to make this an annual event for our community. Deloris, myself and our families would like to thank everyone that took part in any way for making “Hinton’s Thunder Over Lewisburg” such a great success.

Sponsors for the event were:

Platinum $500 plus

Joey and Sherri White

Clacy and Holly White

Ken and Jenny Faircloth

Nick and Jeanette Thompson

Jeff and Deloris Coursey

Ken and Beth Williams

Brandon and Amy Coursey

Bryan and Erica Coursey

Family of Lexi Forgy

John Summers

Vaughn Dozer Service

Lewisburg Bank

C & J Mulch

Gold $300 plus

Re/Max Reality team

(Michael Ezell, Carla Stratton and Paula Ezell)

Covert Scouting Cameras

Lewisburg Masonic Lodge

Silver $150 plus

Dr. Michael and Donna Koller

Ranger Auto Parts

Price Funeral Home

Bobby and Barbara Brown

Richard and Cindy Steward

First Southern National Bank

Logan and Judy Chick

Gomer and Renea

Drexel Johnson

Bronze $10 plus

Nelson Co.

Jane Silvey

Donnie and Lora Faye Gregory

Steve and Debbie Timberlake

John and Joyce Forsythe

Ranny and Linda Adler

Farmer and Faye Brown

Bob Pearson

June’s Hairstyling

Mike and Angie Baugh

Gower Drug Store

Jimmy Taylor

Gary Sears

Stoney and Belinda Hildabrand

John and Sue Spurlock

Haley Real Estate & Auctions

Ben and Brenda McCall

Jerry and Alice Hendrix

Terry and Linda Cole

Terry Browning

Dean and Cheryl Whitescarver


Logan Aluminum

Steve and Marilyn Thore

Bobby and Brenda Collins

Boggess Video

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