Finalists announced for Adairville principal

Logan County Schools superintendent Dr. Kevin Hub announced the finalists for the Adairville School principal position on Monday.

Hub said that the Adairville site-based decision making council has decided on three educators to interview for the job.

“In my role as superintendent, I have been serving as chair of the Adairville School SBDM Council during the principal selection process,” Hub said. “As a council, we have met two times, including our training, which was conducted by Logan County Schools DPP Dr. Barry Goley. Our stakeholder survey received nearly dozens of responses which helped shape the list of characteristics we used to determine the applicants we chose to interview.”

Those chosen are Doug Binkley, Robin Cornelius and Kristina Rice. They will be interviewed on Thursday and Hub said he hopes to name the principal shortly thereafter. These three were chosen from an outstanding pool of more than 30 qualified applicants.

Binkley most recently served as interim assistant principal at Adairville School. Before that, he was principal at the Logan County Alternative School.

Cornelius is currently serving as assistant principal at Stevenson Elementary in the Russellville Independent School System. Prior to that, she was a teacher at Dishman McGinnis Elementary School in the Bowling Green Independent School System.

Rice is currently serving in the role of assistant principal at Auburn School, where she has been since 2013. Prior to that, she was a curriculum specialist for the Logan County Board of Education.

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