Hughes hears nothing, Amish due in court July 9

As of Monday afternoon, Auburn Mayor Mike Hughes says he hasn’t heard anything more from the Amish individuals who are due back in court Thursday, July 9 to face District Judge Ken Williams concerning fines and court costs needing to be paid.

“Their attorney Jay Joines is supposed to contact county attorney Joe Ross, who in turn is supposed to contact me if a compromise can be reached,” said Hughes. “So far I have heard nothing.”

Hughes, Ross, Joines and others met with the Amish who live near Auburn last week. The meeting was held to try and come up with a common ground solution to the growing problem of Amish receiving citations in the city for violating its animal ordinance. The Amish, up until recently, refused to outfit their horses with collection devises to catch manure as the ordinance calls for.

At the meeting last week the Amish put a device the city owns on two of their buggies to see how it would work. It seemed to work fine, with a few kinks needing to be worked out. However, no definite answer was given by the Amish if they would now use it.

Amos Mast and his son Dan were found guilty in May by a jury for violating the ordinance and were ordered to pay their fines and court costs by June 25 or face contempt of court charges and possible incarceration. The two men brought with them attorney Joines as their council. Joines asked for a continuance until July 9 to meet with his clients and the city of Auburn to try and come up with a solution.

A handful of others have also been cited for the same violations.

“These are kind, good, peace loving people. They are not trouble makers,” said Joines of his clients.

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