Red River Tent Revival

Bobby and Chastity Brown, of the God’s Missions Ministries/Revival Center in Columbia, Kentucky, and Dan and Jacki Grote, of Shekinah Glory Ministries in Hopkinsville are pleased to announce that the 704 Cornfield Revival Tent is moving from Hopkinsville, Kentucky to the Red River Meeting House in Adairville, Kentucky (Logan County) July 9-12, 2015. The tent was originally set up in Columbia in June 2014 and most recently set up in Hopkinsville on June 11-18, 2015.

The Red River Meeting House is the site of the Second Great Awakening, which began in 1800 and sparked a revival that spread throughout the country. This year marks the 215 anniversary of that historic event. Revivalists Bobby Brown, from Kentucky, Derek Kelly, from Florida, and Doyle Bradford, from West Virginia, will be leading services. Meetings will be held at 7 p.m. on Thursday, July 9, 1 p.m. and 7 p.m. on Friday and Saturday and at 4 p.m. on Sunday, June 12.

In June 2014, Bobby and Chastity Brown planned a 3-day tent meeting in Columbia, Kentucky…and it hasn’t stopped! The revival tent was set up in a cornfield on Highway 704 and individuals from different denominations, including the Amish/Mennonite communities, gathered and revival began. When cold weather came, the meetings were moved inside to a building that is now called Revival Center. The center is still open but, as spring came around again, the outdoor tent meetings resumed! In May 2015, Bobby and Chastity set the tent up in their hometown in Albany, Kentucky. During the last year, thousands of people and hundreds of ministers from all over the United States and the world have come to take part in what has now become known as the “704 Cornfield Tent Revival”.

One who is involved with the revivals said, “The lost (are) being saved, the Prodigal returning home, the sick being healed and deliverance from addictions, all these have become the normal and not the exception. The air seems to be saturated with the Glory of God.” He says the revival has been marked by one thing that distinguishes it from other revivals, “…preaching comes in many different flavors with blue-collar ministers being brought in from all over the United States, with the only common denominator being the heavy anointing that seems to rest upon all of them.” In other words, this revival is not about any one person or ministry in particular. Instead, the Body of Christ is working alongside one another and all glory is going to God!

Coordinators of the revival partnered with with Dan and Jacki Grote, of Shekinah Glory Ministries in Hopkinsville, Kentucky and, on June 11-15, 2015, about one year from the time the revival began in Central Kentucky, the Cornfield Tent headed west and was set up in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. Revivalists Derek and Jessica Kelly, from Florida, and Troy and Stephanie Long, from Kentucky, led the meetings, which were extended for three days until July 18. The tent had to be taken down because another event was scheduled to take place.

On June 12, 2015, the 215th anniversary of the Great Awakening, the ministry team visited the Red River Meeting House and later made arrangements with Richard Moore to set the tent up at the that location.

By grace, it appears that this is a God-ordained time for Kentucky to experience and encounter the Lord in marvelous ways!

We truly believe that these tent revivals are part of another great awakening and transformation that is coming to our nation, our homes and to local communities.

All are invited to attend meetings!

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