Annual 4th of July Car Cruise In

Rob Rose | NDL Classic trucks in various stages of restoration were on display this weekend at the annual Cruise In in Auburn on Saturday.

Rob Rose | NDL 1999 Indian — One of many Classics of the two-wheel variety to make the trip to Auburn on Saturday.

Rob Rose | NDL As good as new. Looking back into a time when things were simpler and many would say much more reliable.

Rob Rose | NDL As festivities come to a close at the Annual Cruise In held at Auburn’s McCutchen Coke Park this weekend, car owners prepare to leave.

The rainy weather took time off on Saturday morning in Auburn for the annual Cruise In at Auburn’s McCutchen Coke Park.

The event began at 9 am and ended at 1 pm and was quick to fill with folks eager to show off their classic machines and with folks eager to see them; and after 1 pm, participants were eager to get on the road ahead of possible bad weather later in the afternoon.

Event organizers Tim and Kelly Bond said there were fifty or so total participants that made the trip to Auburn in their car, truck or motorcycle.

Food was served and a live DJ was on hand to help transport all in attendance to an earlier, and seemingly, more simple time.

The Cruise In is an annual event and always held the first Saturday in July. It was coincidence that this year July fourth was the first Saturday. On a day that commemorated our American Independence, the Cruise In reminded us of steps we took toward our individual independence.

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