Com-Care, Inc. to continue as Logan ambulance provider

By Chris Cooper -

Photo by Chris Cooper Logan County Ambulance Director John Holder.

The Logan County Fiscal Court received one bid for ambulance service Tuesday, March 22 and awarded it to Com-Care, Inc. for the seventh year in a row. Com-Care took over the county’s ambulance needs after Commonwealth Health left abruptly.

Com-Care, Inc. is based out of Ohio County.

“I appreciate your service. We’ve got one of the better services and fleets in the state,” said Judge Executive Logan Chick to Jim Duke, president of Com-Care, Inc., who was at Tuesday’s fiscal court meeting.

The only change in the 2016-2017 contract is an increase of $675 a year. It will now cost the county $169,800 for the upcoming fiscal year for Com-Care, Inc. to continue managing the service. There was a two and a half percent increase last fiscal year from the year before, however, because of low fuel costs and insurance stabilizing, the increase this fiscal year was minimal.

Duke did mention at some point in the future the county may want to open discussions about the current ambulance station at the end of Armstrong Street in Russellville. The building is old and is showing a lot of wear and tear.

According to Duke, nothing else has changed in the contract from the previous fiscal year.

Com-Care will operate an Advanced Life Support, Class 1 ground ambulance service as set forth in KRS 311.030 and 202 KAR 7:501. A base will be maintained at the location of the current EMS building located in Russellville and owned by the Logan County Fiscal Court. Com-Care will staff two 24 hour ALS crews plus additional day shift crews as needed for non-emergency transfers. Additional on-call staff will be scheduled daily to address periods of increased volume. Com-Care, Inc. wills secure and provide an additional base in the Auburn area. Com-Care will provide utilities at both locations.

The company will furnish materials, supplies, storage and any other items necessary or convenient to the operation of a complete emergency and non-emergency Ambulance Service for Logan County. They will provide all vehicle maintenance to ambulances provided by the fiscal court and will maintain said vehicles in good operational order.

Com-Care will act as an agent for the county to secure grant funding from state and federal sources as related to Emergency Medical Services. Any equipment or funds secured would be the sole property of the Logan County Fiscal Court. From 2009 until present time, Com-Care has secured through Homeland Security and the Hospital preparedness partnership approximately $89,000 in emergency response supplies.

The company shall be in complete and total control of the management of the ambulance service, will have complete and unlimited discretion in the hiring, discharge, payment and assignment of duties of the employees and personnel of the ambulance service. All billing and receipts for services which occur during the period contractually agreed upon by both parties shall be the property of Com-Care.

Com-Care will provide professional liability insurance in the amount of no less than $3 million, in addition to a $5 million umbrella policy.

They will maintain all run records as required through 202 KAR 7:501 during the period of any contractual agreement and provide all stored run data to the Logan County Fiscal Court whenever any agreement terminates.

They will also provide the fiscal court with any date related to run volume, response times and demographic information as requested.

Com-Care will implement a plan with the local EMT’s, firefighters, law enforcement and first responders for consumable supply replenishment at no cost to the responding agencies. Monthly training will be provided in the county for all EMT’s.

According to the contract, the county is responsible for:

Supplying building space for EMT stations to include major maintenance and upkeep of the station currently located in Russellville.

Emergency dispatching from the current 911 center to include any necessary telecommunications infrastructure.

Providing and replacing, as necessary, six ambulances, in good operating condition and meeting all requirements as set forth by 202 KAR 7:501. Also all vehicle collision, comprehensive and liability insurance for EMS vehicles

Photo by Chris Cooper Logan County Ambulance Director John Holder. by Chris Cooper Logan County Ambulance Director John Holder.

By Chris Cooper

To contact Chris Cooper email or 270-726-8394.

To contact Chris Cooper email or 270-726-8394.

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