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By Chris Cooper -

Logan County Humane Society begins looking for new director.

Despite a recent management change at the Logan County Humane Society, the agency is moving full-steam ahead with plans for spaying and neutering the community’s animals, providing necessary vaccinations for maintaining healthy pets, and setting up life-saving transports for the homeless fur babies in Logan County.

A few weeks ago, the organization terminated it’s director Tracy Moser who had been running the non-profit for eight months. Although the HS board who governs the society stayed quite about its reasoning for letting Moser go, it did release a statement saying, “Our goals as a shelter board have not changed and we look forward to seeing those goals met and moving forward.”

The board is currently interviewing for a new director who will continue the society’s mission of saving as many animals as possible. The Logan County Humane Society began in the late 1980s with a few dedicated women who wanted the homeless animals of the community treated humanly and with respect. With a few donations, the Logan County Humane Society was born on a wing and a prayer. It has grown in the past 30 years saving thousands of animals along the way.

A few years ago the society received an over $200,000 endowment for being a no-kill. Just recently the society received a $20,000 grant from Tom’s of Maine- a brandname and manufacturer of natural-ingredients-only personal care products. The company’s products are intentionally made without ingredients that are chemically derived, have a negative environmental impact, or are tested on animals.

Also received was a $650 grant from the sale of Kentucky licence plates. This grant was used quickly to allow the community to spay and neuter.

“The $650 grant was used up quick,” said Logan County Humane Society board member Connie Campbell. “We are looking forward to future monies going towards our spaying and neutering program. We encourage everyone to spay and neuter their pets. The Logan County Humane Society is willing to help.”

The society is also working on a vaccination clinic. They will be partnering with a local veterinarian and offering vaccinations to the community’s pets.

“Taking care of your animals is one way to help fight the overpopulation of homeless animals in our community,” said Linda Lockhart, vice president for the society.

Puppy and kitten season is quickly approaching and the Logan County Humane Society is gearing up for the numerous amounts of litters that will land on its doorstep. One of the ways the society is fighting the season is to continue its “Trap and Release” program. This is a program that began several years ago and has, along with local veterinarians, become very useful in cutting down on the feral cat population in Logan County.

It works by local veterinarians donating their services for a weekend, and several humane society volunteers hitting the streets setting box traps to catch feral cats to have them spay and neutered. The cats are then returned to the area they were trapped to live out their lives without producing more cats.

“This is a very beneficial program. One which we will continue with to help cut down on the hundreds of litters cats can produce in a season,” said Campbell.

The Logan County Humane Society also wants to remind the community to call the shelter if their pet is missing.

“When your dog goes missing, check with us first,” said Campbell.

Sometimes dogs and cats wander and if others find them they are not always sure what to do with them, so they bring them to the shelter. When people come across wandering pets they assume they do not have a home and they end up at the shelter. The humane society does its best to find their home, but they need help from the owners.

“Please just give us a call if your pet goes missing,” said Campbell. “We may have them here at the shelter and we would love to reunite them with their family.”

The Humane Society board wants the community to know they are more then willing to help out. They want to be a friendly face and a friendly place where the public feels comfortable communicating its needs.

Logan County Humane Society begins looking for new director. County Humane Society begins looking for new director.

By Chris Cooper

To contact Chris Cooper, email or call 270-726-8394.

To contact Chris Cooper, email or call 270-726-8394.

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