Lyne warns of the cost of stolen signs

There have been 51 road signs stolen over the last month in Logan County and it’s not only eating a hole in the county’s road department budget; it is also causing safety issues as well.

Paul Lyne, supervisor for the county road department, said stealing signs is against the law. He said it is also very costly and those who take the signs often don’t realize this is taking taxpayer money to replace them.

Lyne said he realizes some of the roads in Logan County have catchy names which makes them more susceptible to theft, but wishes people would understand their actions cause a great deal of havoc for just a cute sign to display in their room or garage.

“This not only takes a chunk out of my budget, but it can cause safety hazards as well when a sign is not there to warn drivers to stop,” said Lyne. “Also, what if someone needs to call an ambulance and their road sign in missing. When a sign gets stolen, it takes a little while to order and get another in.”

Lyne said he may put up some type of surveillance to try and catch those steeling the signs. Stealing signs is a crime and one that is punishable by law.

“If you get caught with a county road sign, you will be in trouble with the law,” said Lyne, adding that something that seems so small and funny at the time can end up costing you in the long run.

The new signs are considered high visibility and are a lot more expensive, said Lyne. This is why it is so expensive of a loss.

If you see someone talking a sign down, please contact the Emergency Communication Center at 270-726-4911 and report it.

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