FastPath system up and running at R’ville schools

By Chris Cooper - [email protected]

Russellville’s school system is now equip with the FastPath navigation system.

The Russellville Police Department and Russellville Independent School System would like to announce that the FastPath navigation system is now up and fully operational in the Russellville Independent Schools.

“Thanks to DDI Engineering along with Gerald Printing, each school in the Russellville School System is equipped with the necessary tools to provide the fastest and most accurate response available,” said Russellville Police Officer Sgt. Michael Reeser. ‘This system significantly expedites the response by emergency personnel to locations within the school, contributing to safer schools in our city.”

The Emergency Communications Center (ECC/911), Logan County EMS, the Russellville Fire Department, Logan County Sheriff’s Department, and the Russellville Police department have all been trained on the system, which greatly assists their response for any situation that takes place inside the school system.

The idea to implement the FastPath into the local school systems began the end of 2014. The system has already been adapted by many counties within the state of Kentucky to include Franklin, Allen and Warren Counties.

The FastPath system is anticipated to significantly reduce response times of emergency personnel to specific identifiable locations within a school.

The FastPath system is multifaceted in that once adopted by emergency personnel within the county, businesses and large facilities could opt to adopt the system to increase emergency personnel’s ability to navigate through their facilities without prior knowledge of the building layout.

“This will be a very beneficial system,” said Chief Victor Shifflett of the Russellville Police Department. “All schools will be set up the same way, so if an emergency response agency needs to navigate through a school, it will be much quicker.

Shifflett went on to say if an officer is needed, the police won’t have to say which way or which hallway. A lot of these schools have been added on to so many times and have a lot of hallways, but with the FastPath system those responding will be able to immediately go to that area.

“With the FastPath system response time will go from minutes to seconds,” said Shifflett.

“In my experience with Russellville Police Department and all involved, it would appear this system will really expedite the emergency services in our district in event we have an emergency,” said Russellville Superintendent Leon Smith. “I appreciate chief Victor Shifflett, the Russellville Police Department and Russellville Mayor Mark Stratton for being supportive in researching what this system will do for the schools, setting this system up, and working with us to get this in place. This will be a very valuable asset and may in the future save the lives of a child and/or staff member.”

Any large facility interested in this system is welcome to contact RPD at 270-726-7669 for more information.

Russellville’s school system is now equip with the FastPath navigation system.’s school system is now equip with the FastPath navigation system.

By Chris Cooper

[email protected]

To contact Chris Cooper, email [email protected] or cvall 270-726-8394.

To contact Chris Cooper, email [email protected] or cvall 270-726-8394.

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