Logan to have ‘Little Cougar Academy’

Preparations are underway for Logan County’s newest upcoming cougars.

The District’s first workshop of the Little Cougar Academy is scheduled for February 18 at the Logan County Public Library, with over 75 children and their families registered to attend. The Academy is designed to help parents prepare their 2016-2017 incoming kindergartner for entry into school and provide early learning experiences to promote the child’s future success.

During the two-hour workshop, parents and their child will be involved in various themed activities each month. February is designated as Heart Smart, which focuses on understanding child development, physical activity and fine motor skills, and healthy eating for your heart. During the course of the evening, the families will have dinner, then the children will be provided time to engage within the centers setup throughout the library.

The centers include many activities that are designed to stimulate their interest and interact with the attending staff and other children. Moreover, the intent of center time is to provide time for the children to explore the activities and ask questions.

“Children learn best through play, so as the children are interacting within the centers with other children, the staff will be engaging them in conversations, asking questions, and expanding their learning through curious play,” said Dr. Barry W. Goley, Director of Special Education.

the children are busy within their centers, parents will be involved in learning experiences of their very own. Guest speakers will meet with the parents to discuss various components of school readiness and suggest activities families may do at home or on the go to promote a successful transition into kindergarten.

The evening will wrap-up with a family “make-and-take” activity. Logan County Schools is excited about this upcoming opportunity and anticipates a continued tradition of helping parents and families prepare incoming kindergarteners ready to learn and ready to succeed.

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