Fiscal court news

The Tuesday, June 23 meeting of the Logan County Fiscal Court lasted three and a half hours before ending way after lunch. Expecting a lengthy meeting, Magistrate Drexel Johnson brought along his Disney lunch box just in case. Johnson shared a banana with fellow magistrate Barry Joe Wright and the two ate it while listening to magistrate Dickie Carter question parts of the 2015-2016 budget.

Carter also questioning the sheriff on what he has been spending saying, “you sure are spending a lot of money.”

Carter also asked Whittaker about reimbursed for towing expenses and late charges on a credit card. The sheriff told Carter he follows protocol and turns in the expenses, but has to wait for them to be paid.

Sheriff Whittaker told the court the air conditioning unit was not working at the sheriff’s department and it was in the 80s in the back portion of the building. Whittaker presented three quotes to replace the unit. The court chose Knight Electric to replace it for $4,885.

Two quotes were turned in Tuesday by coroner Mary Givens for work she wanted on the morgue cooler. The new cooler only has one drawer and she would like two. Givens said she wasn’t at the morgue when one business came to quote the job and they didn’t include all she wanted done to the cooler. Magistrates told Givens to contact the company that only bid the drawer and give them an opportunity to bid all the changes, and whoever is less, go with them.

The fiscal court approved re-appointments Tuesday of Norman Menser and Dwight Cockrill to the Joint Cities/County Planning Commission, terms ending July 1, 2018. The court also acknowledged receipt of the budgets for the Logan County Cooperative Extension Service and the Logan County Public Library.

A first reading to amend the personnel policies and procedures compensation plan and classification plan for the creation of a new position of solid waste/inmate guard and changing the job description to allow for overtime payment to the Emergency Communications Center Director was held.

The fiscal court approved needed budget changes Tuesday and held a second reading adopting the 2015-2016 annual budget.

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