E-Scrap becomes too costly, Cockrill looking for alternative

Logan County offers an electronics recycling event for citizens and businesses in the spring and fall each year to allow disposal of their old computers, printers, television sets, etc. The E-Scrap event is free to the county and citizen except a small fee for TVs. The county was unable to hold one in the fall of 2015 due to the market dropping out of recycling electronics. According to Dwight Cockrill, the county’s solid waste coordinator, it has become too costly for the company who came down to offer the service free any longer.

“To have them come in now it would cost the county $2,900,” said Cockrill. “I have been looking around and found another company in Ohio who may be interested in coming down. I will be talking wioth them some more and will get back with the court at a later date to let you all know.”

Cockrill said he hopes to have another event in April of this year, but it is not definite yet.

A high volume of old electronics and television sets are dropped off each time it is held.

“It’s a good thing. People seem to be waiting for these events now rather then tossing their old electronics on the side of the road. We probably used to pick up 15 television sets on the side of the roads before we started E-Scrap. So it is definitely a success,” said Logan County Judge Executive Logan Chick.

The events are held behind the historic courthouse.

The event does not include large appliances such as refrigerators, stoves, washing machines, dryers or microwaves. These items can be taken to Cumberland Scrap on Morgantown Road and the owner can get paid for recycling them there.

Cockrill said these events are very important to the environment, because if people have a place to take items such as these, they will not end up on the side of the road or in a sink hole somewhere.

“These recycling events help keep our community clean from illegal dumping, which is a win, win for all of us,” said Cockrill.

By Chris Cooper

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