Orange wants additional funding to repair roads in her district

During discussions concerning the 2015-2016 annual county budget Tuesday, magistrate Jo Orange asked if $50,000 could be set aside in a special line item to repair two roads in her district. Orange claims both Miller Road and Lashley Road have been ruined by traffic from the building of chicken houses.

The chicken houses in question are associated with Champion Petfoods, a new industry building in Auburn. According to Orange, the contractor building the houses have torn up the roads and she and her constituents are not happy about it.

“This is something new I’ve experienced in my district,” said Orange. “It has given a bad taste for some for this new industry.”

Judge executive Logan Chick told Orange he didn’t think it was a bad idea, but was concerned about who would have say over the funds and where they would go.

Chick motioned there was a magistrate who had some of his roads torn up from farming equipment but he had to use his allotted funding to repair it.

“The court would have to come up with where the funds would go,” said Chick, adding there would be other magistrates who would have the same claim.

Orange suggested putting it in a line item that was for repair from tear up of industrial development.

“The truth of the matter is, if you are wanting to put something aside for future repair, I don’t care,” said magistrate Thomas Bouldin, who has said in the past that businesses pay their taxes, and if the roads are torn up, the tax base should cover to make the repairs.

Orange said she felt road supervisor Paul Lyne would have no problem telling the court how bad the two roads were.

No action was taken.

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