Meeting held on animal ordinances, Carter concerned about stray dogs

A meeting was held Thursday morning to discuss ordinances pertaining to stray and viscous animals in Logan County and its cities. Represented at the meeting was the Logan County Humane Society, the Logan County Sheriff’s Department, the Russellville Police Department, Russellville Code Enforcement, Logan County Emergency Communications Center, Logan County Animal Control, the Logan County Health Department and the Logan County Judge Executive.

Each city and the county itself has ordinances pertaining to the control of stray and viscous dogs, however, it’s the animal control officer who answers most calls that come in. The animal control position is under the control of the Logan County Humane Society. Before being contracted with the society, the position was once monitored by the sheriff’s department, and before that the judge executive’s office.

“We’ve had some problems recently with dogs biting other dogs and people,” said judge executive Logan Chick. “The sheriff’s department and Russellville Police Department are concerned about protocol concerning these situations.”

According to sheriff Wallace Whittaker, the Logan County Humane Society called the meeting and wants the county attorney to look at the current ordinances and change verbiage if needed to better help animal control do its job. Whittaker said some of the changes pertain to abandoned animals and when they can become the property of the society.

At the Tuesday, June 23rd meeting of the Logan County Fiscal Court, the Thursday meeting was mentioned by judge Chick. Magistrate Dickie Carter said something needs to be done about the dogs in the county.

“We need a dog catcher like we had in the past,” said Carter. “When somebody had a dog problem, they used to go do something about it. The humane society has to take care of the situation. We can’t just pay to keep the dogs alive. When they get them, it’s their (humane society) responsibility.”

Carter went on to say that he liked dogs, but hoped they didn’t have more rights than humans do.

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