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By Chris Cooper - [email protected]

Logan Chick thanked all those who helped this past weekend during the winter storm at the beginning of the Tuesday, Jan. 26th fiscal court meeting.

“I want to publicly thank everyone who came out and helped this weekend,” said Chick. “The Logan County Search & Rescue for all they do and to everyone who pulled together and did a great job.”

Chick wasn’t the only one in court to show appreciation for a job well done during the winter storm. During road work requests magistrates gave their appreciation to road supervisor Paul Lyne for all the hard work he and his crew did during the winter storm.

“Thank you. With the ice and snow there was so much you could do,” said magistrate Jack Crossley.

“I appreciate everyone who helped,” said magistrate Barry Joe Wright.

“You did a great job,” said magistrate Thomas Bouldin.

Lyne mentioned Judge Executive Logan Chick and the help he did during the storm. “He manned the phones and too the hard calls,” said Lyne.

Magistrate Dickie Carter suggested getting together a plan for emergencies. Cater believes the county need to get a plan together, not for little snows, but for what happen this past weekend. “We can talk about it later,” said Carter.

At Tuesday’s meeting there was questioning about the quality of the recording device used to tape the fiscal court meetings. Carter said it was hard to hear the tape. The first district magistrate claimed there were missing details in a previous court meeting minutes that did not reflect he had requested information on the number of burglaries and thefts from ECC director Ginger Lawrence.

“I’m the one who brought it up,” said Carter. “I would like to see the correction when it’s made.”

Magistrate Jo Orange made a motion to accept the previous court meeting minutes with the detailed changes. Her motion passed six to one with magistrate Thomas Bouldin voting no.

There were 189 inmates in the county’s jail as of Tuesday morning. Out of those 105 are classified as state with 84 as county.

“We are a little high on the county side,” said jailer Phil Gregory.

“Yes, but you are high on the state side too,” smiled Orange. “Is this a record high?”

It looks as if five inmates from the county jail will soon be helping the state highway department through the work release program. A contract between the county and state highway department was passed at Tuesday’s fiscal court meeting. This contract will allow the inmates- at the states expense- to leave the jail during the work week. A new deputy position will have to be created – also at no cost to the county- to monitor the inmates.

“We will purchase a van to transport the inmates with money from the canteen fund at the jail,” said Gregory. The canteen fund is money generated through the sale of items to inmates such as personal care, snacks, etc.

Magistrate Carter congratulated jailer Gregory for a job well done in organizing the canteen fund.

“This is yet another area I would like to thank you for,” said Carter to Gregory. “It’s bringing in money. You already bought one vehicle and now your going to buy another. This hasn’t been done before and I really appreciate you.”

Magistrate approved an executive order about Logan County Search and Rescue Squad. This is a formality down every year by the court in January.Magistrate Carter abstained due to serving on the Search and Rescue.

Magistrates Acknowledged the county clerk 2015 fee report.

By Chris Cooper

[email protected]

To contact Chris Cooper, email [email protected] or call 270-726-8394.

To contact Chris Cooper, email [email protected] or call 270-726-8394.

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