Task force warns of marijuana growing season

Jacky Hunt, director of the South Central Kentucky Drug Task Force (SCKDTF), warns the community it is now marijuana growing season and to be on the look out for strange and unusual behaviors around your property.

Hunt said the crops are in the ground now and are growing. Harvest of the crop usually occurs around August or September, Between now and then there may be a lot of activity that which citizens need to be aware of.

“A lot of times marijuana growers will put their crop on other people’s property,” said Hunt. “Then they tend to it throughout the season. So if you see strange vehicles or traffic on your property, be sure to alert the South Central Kentucky Drug Task Force and we will investigate it for you.”

Hunt said growers love to plant their crop and leave it alone allowing nature to take its course. However, most times growers have to return to water their crop and that is when you may notice the unusual traffic.

“Pay close attention during the drier times, when there hasn’t been much rain,” said Hunt. “If you see cars or trucks or ATVs on your property, do not try to investigate yourself, call the task force.”

Hunt said he realizes marijuana is in the national headlines lately. He knows some states have legalized the sale of marijuana, and he is sure others will follow. However, in Kentucky right now it is illegal to grow it and to use it , and he and his task force will continue to seek out those who break the law.

Marijuana can look different depending on what kind of plant it is. It can be short or it can be as tall as 12 feet, said Hunt. The plant has a very distinct pungent smell, however, no matter what kind it is. Marijuana is dark green and has a budding process, which is the most marketable of the plant for growers.

Marijuana is usually hidden in plain sight, which means it blends in with other foliage and sometimes it is hard to see. Growers like to put their crops beside overgrown brush piles, along fence rows, beside or in corn and bean crops and in the middle of a wooded area that has cleared out tree cover.

“I have even seen it in the middle of a bean field tied down to grow sideways,” said Hunt.

If you suspect strange behavior on your property or have stumbled upon what you think may be marijuana growing on your property, please call the task force at 270-725-4972. You do not have to give your name to share information.

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