Former library building getting some new paint and repairs

The building that once housed the Logan County Public Library is getting a little attention from the city of Russelville. New paint and some minor repairs are being done on the building to spruce it up.

The library moved out over a year ago in early 2014 to its new location on Armory Drive. With any structure, if it stays vacant for a period of time, it can go down hill pretty quickly. Russellvile Mayor Mark Stratton and his council want to make sure the property stays in top condition.

The city owns the building located on 6th Street, which was paid for by funds from the state and federal governments along with deGraffenried money.

“We had started out first of year knowing we were going to do some renovating on the outside in the spring,” said mayor Stratton. “We want to make it look good. We’d had some calls from people complaining, but we had to wait till the weather was right.” The paint had started to peel away from the building and the grass was growing up in the cracks of the parking lot.

The city has been using inmate labor on the project. Mayor Stratton said they are not finished yet.

“After the painting is complete, then we will re-stripe the parking lot and do some landscaping,” mayor Stratton said. “We will continue to mow around the property as well to keep it looking nice.”

At this time the mayor and council are looking at some opportunities for the building, which is located in a residential area.

“We haven’t made any concrete decisions regarding the sale of the building at this time,” said mayor Stratton. “We are looking at all of our options and assuring the property is up to standards and ready when a decision is made.”

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