Abandoned property ordinance dead

A county clean up ordinance magistrate Dickie Carter was passionate about passing, has been laid to rest as of now, however, Carter says the issue will be back on the table eventually, he guarantees it.

Carter, who had wanted the county to look into passing an ordinance that would require property owners of abandoned houses to clean up, has made motions to do so without support. Most of Carter’s fellow court members were not so interested in passing such an ordinance.

“I’d like to do away with this motion,” said magistrate Barry Joe Wright, who believes each magistrate should talk to their constituents who may have such abandoned structures and settle it that way. “I won’t vote for an ordinance like this because I would worry about it getting out of hand.”

According to the county’s solid waste coordinator, there are 830 abandoned homes in Logan County. Carter feels they are a safety hazard to children and a breeding ground for illegal drug activity.

“I’m not talking about homes people live in,” said Carter. “I’m talking about structures that are unlivable and have been abandon.”

County attorney Joe Ross found an older ordinance on the books the county had passed years ago to govern such nuisance, however, he said it was outdated and needed to be looked at.

Carter stressed he just wanted to protect the citizens. He had brought with him an ordinance from Calloway County to a previous meeting wondering if the county could tweak it and use it for this issue.

None of the other magistrates were interested in passing regulations on abandon houses, therefore Carter’s motion to adopt one, died for lack of a second.

“You want to forget it? I don’t want to forget it. I think we should have an ordinance passed.But I guess unless someone wants to second it then I will withdrawal it. It’s a dead issue now. We can move on. But it will be back, I guarantee it.”

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