Jail generating more revenue

By Chris Cooper - [email protected]

Revenue is up at the Logan County Detention Center due to the increase of state inmates. In the month of September the county received $84,424 for housing state inmates.

A state inmate is one who has gone through the court system and are serving out their sentence. A large percentage of an inmate’s stay in jail is paid for by the Commonwealth. A county inmate is someone who is awaiting their process through the court system. Their stay at the jail (food, lodging and medical expenses, etc.) is paid by local taxes. Funds generated from the state inmate cuts back a great deal of money the county has to subsidize the jail each year.

“Before I was elected jailer, I did a lot of research on our jail,” said Phil Gregory. “I saw where other jails in the state were lodging more inmates who were already sentenced, and getting paid to do so. I thought why not Logan County.”

As of Tuesday, Oct. 13, there were 166 inmates in the county’s jail, 90 classified as state and 76 as county. Although the county side is down a bit, there have been inmates sleeping on the floors due to over-crowing. Sometimes when the county side is overcrowded, Gregory has to send state inmates to other facilities, which takes away from the revenue at the jail. There has been talk about adding onto the jail, however, no definite plans or decisions have been made.

Magistrate Jo Orange congratulated Gregory at Tuesday’s fiscal court meeting for the lowering the county numbers. Gregory said he was getting a lot of cooperation from County Attorney Joe Ross, who is processing cases through his office and district court in a speedy fashion.

“Joe is keeping the ones that need to be in jail there, and moving out those who have fines and courts costs,” said Gregory.

There are many other benefits to housing state inmates at the county jail, said Gregory, referring to the work release program.

“In the months of July, August and September over 14,000 hours have been worked by inmates out in the community,” Gregory said. “If you were to pay each inmate $10 per hour, that would come to $148,000 in free labor provided by the work release program here in our community.”

Gregory said he had projected receiving approximately $620,000 in a years time from housing state inmates at the Logan County Detention Center, however, he now believes it could be more. “It all depends on the numbers and how many state we can get,” Gregory added. The current Logan County jail has 162 beds.

“We have been making a lot of changes at the jail,” said Gregory. “We are trying to bring in additional revenue to help save the taxpayers money. We are also implementing new programs to help inmates succeed when they get out of jail in hopes they won’t come back.”


By Chris Cooper

[email protected]

To contact Chris Cooper, email [email protected] or call 270-726-8394.

To contact Chris Cooper, email [email protected] or call 270-726-8394.

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