Bouldin talks equal playing field for road additions

By Chris Cooper - [email protected]

Logan County’s Fiscal Court will wait on calling a hearing to place three roads on its road system until they are brought up to code. And even then, that does not guarantee their acceptance.

At the Tuesday meeting of the court, magistrates discussed the three roads in question. Some on the court had concern about possible state funding that could be sought to help improve these roads. Magistrate Thomas Bouldin in particular was afraidof how it would look to other citizens in the county who have had to pay themselves to bring a road up to county standard before being accepted to the system.

Two of the roads requested for a hearing are Crestwood Drive and Grayson Lane, which cross into Muhlenberg County. The other road discussed is Mocking Bird Trail. All three are located around the Lake Malone area in the northern part of the county. According to county road superintendent Paul Lyne, Muhlenberg County is currently working on two of the roads and would like for Logan County to accept them onto the system.

Judge Executive Logan Chick said he was informed recently that due to a higher tax base in that area, the roads may qualify for assistance by the state’s rural development. Chick said the projects could receive up to $80,000 in state funding. However, before any of that funding can be applied for, the roads must be taken onto the county system.

Bouldin said he had people in his district who had to pay their own money to bring a road up to code, in hopes of getting it put on the county road system.

“What do I tell my people who spent their own money to get their road up. I’ve got three homeowners who spent their own money,” said Bouldin. “I’m all for progress, but you better be ready to answer some questions to our constituents.” Bouldin said he would “raise caine” if it were him.

Lyne said as of now all three roads do not pass the criteria to put them on the county’s system. Bouldin suggested telling those who wanted the roads on the county system to complete the criteria necessary, and then come back to the court. But reminded that did not mean they would be automatically accepted.

“They need to realize that this gives them no promises,” said Bouldin.

Bouldin said he wanted to visit the roads with the judge and talk to citizens, as well as Muhlenberg County officials to find out more information.×2941.jpg

By Chris Cooper

[email protected]

To contact Chris Cooper, email [email protected] or call 270-726-8394.

To contact Chris Cooper, email [email protected] or call 270-726-8394.

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