Penrod’s guilty plea accepted by judge

Former Conservation District employee Dianna Penrod plead guilty Thursday morning in the Logan County Circuit Court to 14 counts of fraudulent use of a credit card and one count of theft by unlawful taking.

The 15 counts carry with them a five years sentence each, however, Penrod will see no jail time as the Commonwealth offered probation after speaking with the Conservation District. Penrod also paid restitution soon after being charged last year. Penrod will be a convicted felon and will have to abide by probation requirements.

Penrod confessed she had used her employers credit card for personal purchases, as well as taking sick leave and collecting pay where she was not eligible to do so. According to the Commonwealth, Penrod spent thousands of dollars of Conservation District money on personal items from places such as Victoria Secret, a spa and other stores. Penrod herself said she spent the money on groceries.

Penrod was in court the end of May to plead guilty, however, Circuit Judge Tyler Gill refused to accept her guilty plea then due to her wavering on the theft charge. Judge Gill became agitated at the May hearing when he asked Penrod about the theft charge in which she turned in medical leave and collected on it. When the judge asked if she did this, Penrod answered, “I guess.” That is when the judge stopped the proceedings and rescheduled for June 11.

According to the Commonwealth’s offer, Penrod has to maintain a full-time job. This was a sticky point as Penrod claims she is permanently disabled due to a sever case of kidney stones. Penrod’s attorney Tom Noe said his client was receiving disability from social security and she would be more than willing to provide medical records to the Commonwealth to prove her claim. Commonwealth Attorney Gail Guiling agreed only on the stipulation her office gets the records.

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