Logan County’s BackPack Program is still feeding hungry children one weekend at a time

Most parents cannot imagine not having enough food available at home to feed their family, but for approximately 1 in 4 children in Logan County this is the harsh reality. Fortunately, many who are students have been identified by school administrators, teachers, cafeteria workers, or family resource directors as being at-risk of going hungry on the weekends when the school meals they often rely on are unavailable. That’s where the Logan County BackPack Program fills the void. Through their partnership with Feeding America, Kentucky’s Heartland Food Bank (FAKH) in Elizabethtown, schools in Russellville and Logan County receive funding assistance as well as pre-packed bags of 13-16 food items that are distributed at the end of each week.

Teachers and staff constantly see how much of a difference this program, and the food it provides, is making in the lives of these children. Their students arrive at school on Monday morning better prepared to study and learn instead of being solely focused on their empty stomachs.

As a result of many generous donations, over $10,700 was raised for the BackPack Program last school year. This allowed over 4,280 bags to be distributed to more than 100 students.

“I know that in Logan County we have many children that would not have food for the weekend if not for the backpack program. Throughout the years the need just gets larger and larger.” said local BackPack Coordinator Debbie Johnson.

Last year over 100 Russellville and Logan County students were supported by FAKH’s BackPack Program and the need continues to grow each year. Please consider supporting the program for the 2015-2016 school year if you haven’t already. For just $2.50 per week ($100 per school year), you can Adopt-A-BackPacker in Logan County. You can either make your tax-deductible donation online at https://donatenow.networkforgood.org/feedingamericaky or mail your donation to FAKH, P.O. Box 821, Elizabethtown, KY 42702. For more information about the Logan County BackPack program, you can contact Debbie Johnson at 270-772-1973.

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