Russellville Electric Plant Board celebrates Public Power Week

Russellville Electric Plant Board is celebrating Public Power Week, Oct. 4-10, along with more than 2,000 other community-owned, not-for-profit electric utilities that collectively provide electricity to 48 million Americans.

“Public Power Week celebrates the reliable, affordable electricity Russellville Electric Plant Board provides to our community,” said Russellville Electric Plant Board’s General Manager Robert White. “Public power puts the people of Russellville first, and Public Power Week gives us the chance to emphasize the advantages of locally grown, locally owned power to our citizens,” said Robert White.

“Our service is reliable and safe and we take pride in serving our friends and neighbors,” said Robert White “Russellville Electric Plant Board is proud to have served Russellville for 73 years.”

Russellville Electric Plant Board invites community members to participate in a variety of Public Power Week events. Activities include:

• Serving refreshments daily to customers who visit our main office.

• Daily updates on our Facebook and Twitter sites.

• Culminating the week celebrating the Tobacco & Heritage Festival serving free popcorn and drinks and free T-shirt giveaways for customer testimonials to be aired on EPBsmartTV3.

About EPB SmartNet:

The Russellville Electric Plant Board (EPB SmartNet) is a not-for-profit, public power and broadband services provider. EPB SmartNet serves over 4000 customers within Russellville, KY where its mission is to meet our customer’s energy and telecommunication needs with excellent customer service at the lowest feasible cost, while providing the highest quality of life for our community and employees.
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