BRADD leads state in workforce performance

In a report just released by the Kentucky Workforce Cabinet, the Barren River Workforce Investment Board (BRWIB) was cited as leading the State in performance during the PY 2013 program year. The local area excelled in 8 of 9 performance standards, as outlined in federal law. The ‘adult average wages’ category, which is a function of the salaries paid by employers, was the only category not exceeding the required State Performance Goal. This success was achieved by the BRWIB through their direction of the BRADD workforce staff in their role as fiscal agent and administrative entity. Workers that have been placed have a retention rate of 94% after 6 months of employment compared to the national average of 56%.

The BRWIB’s goal is to help job seekers and workers access employment, education, training and support services to succeed in the labor market and match employers with skilled workers they need to compete in the global economy. BRADD staff works with customers to determine eligibility for the programs, provide guidance on career choices, and develop training plans to meet their goals. The expected outcome is to obtain self-sustaining wages for all job seekers.

This is a ‘work first’ program; training is only an option if the customer does not have marketable transferrable skills. Over the past three program years, 78,295 activities have been provided to 6,312 customers within the ten county region. These activities consist of such services as: job searches, job referrals, resume writing, interviewing techniques, tuition assistance, supportive services, case management, on-the-job training contracts, internships, etc. These services are provided by workforce staff located at the two local area Career Centers in Bowling Green and Glasgow.

The local Career Centers, a cornerstone of the public workforce investment system, bring together and enhance several key employment, education and training programs. The BRWIB’s local partners such as Office of Employment and Training, Office of Vocational Rehabilitation, Adult Education, and Office for the Blind, just to name a few, together work diligently on a daily basis at the centers to provide a ‘One-Stop’ location for all customers, whether they are job seekers or employers, to receive the services as outlined in the Federal Act.

Each local workforce investment area must meet key standards to qualify as a One-Stop under federal law. The certification is conducted by local businesses who utilize the Career Centers to hire employees trained by the One-Stops. The BRWIB’s two One Stop Career Centers were both fully certified in April 2015, meeting all federal and state service requirements two months ahead of the State deadline of July 1, 2015. For more information visit the following websites at,

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