Litter Abatement crews pick up 606 bags of trash in August

By Chris Cooper -

Right at 606 bags of trash were picked up off of Logan County roads in the month of August, thanks to Solid Waste Coordinator Dwight Cockrill and the Litter Abatement program. The county receives funding each year to support crews consisting of inmates and a jail deputy to pick up the trash.

In August targeted roads included: Hwy. 73, 68-80, the Bypass, Watermelon Road, Highland Lick Road, Hwy. 106, the Baker Nature Road, Sportsman Club Road, East 1st Street, 70 north, and Hwy. 100.

Some of the larger items picked up included three insulation bags, car parts, flooring slats, siding, rebar, a container lid, plywood, bags of cotton batting, a road sign, a political sign, a realtor sign, a large appliance box, and a bumper.

Over 45.2 miles of roadway were cleared of trash.

“The Litter Abatement program is very beneficial to Logan County,” said Cockrill. “The funds we receive each year help to keep our community clean are appreciated. The inmates do a great job cleaning up after other people’s trash.”

Some of the funding Cockrill’s department receives also goes to pay non-profit organizations $100 per mile up to five miles to clean up roadside trash. Cockrill says he has funding available now for those non-profits organizations who would like to take the opportunity to make a little money, while providing a service project for their community. Cockrill says he will close the program for non-profits the 3rd week in November, making way for winter.

“If a non-profit is interested in picking up roadside trash, they can come by the Logan County Sheriff’s Department and fill out a form, which will then be given to me. If the non-profit fits the criteria, I will notify them and assign a road,” said Cockrill.

You must be at least nine years of age to pick up trash in this program, and must be accompanied by an adult. Cockrill provides trash bags, gloves, road signs and safety vests. A non-profit can choose to pick up from one mile to five miles. Non-profits include: church groups, civic clubs, scout troops, sports teams, etc.

By Chris Cooper

To contact Chris Cooper, email or call 270-726-8394.

To contact Chris Cooper, email or call 270-726-8394.

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