Pastor Walter “Chick” McGill coming to Russellville

Tennessee Pastor Walter “Chick” McGill, a 69 year-old Vietnam veteran, completed his 3,200-mile coast-to-coast national prayer walk at Santa Monica Pier on the Pacific coast, April 29, 2015. He is now coming to Russellville Tuesday, Sept. 22nd for a community prayer walk.

The pastor/veteran shouldered the first American flag in history to be hand-carried “from sea to shining sea” by a veteran. He packed his large American flag the full distance from Atlantic to Pacific and saluted every passing motorist on the walk route as a gesture of honor and respect for his fellow Americans.

McGill received a “Day of Recognition” certificate from Tennessee Governor Haslam’s office in Nashville, and numerous cities along the 14-state route demonstrated special recognition by giving the veteran city lapel pins, keys to their cities, city memorial coins, and certificates of appreciation. He received police escorts through towns in Georgia and Tennessee and was published at Wikipedia online as one who had successfully walked across America. July 12, 2015 the veteran was honored at Dodger Stadium as “Military Hero of the Game” in recognition of his coast-to-coast trek. So far, two American cities have proclaimed April 29, 2015 to be “Cross-Country Flag Day.”

McGill’s “TransAmerican Crosswalk 2014,” billed as a national prayer-walk, promoted “’a new birth of freedom’ and integrity in America,” while calling attention to the Ten Commandments, the Golden Rule, and the nation’s founding documents. In 2015 the Freedom-Walker continues his theme with community prayer walks which now brings him to Logan County.

You may read about McGill’s trek and historic “cross-country flag” at
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