Local kids learned and had fun during Discover Your Heritage Camp

Participants of Discover Your Heritage Camp visited Fort Campbell Army Base.

Visiting Robey Farms in Schochoh, Candice Baker had fun interacting with the cows.

Participants of Discover Your Heritage Camp visited the Logan County Humane Society.

Participants of Discover Your Heritage Camp visited Shakertown Museum.

Last week, over 25 kids from the fourth and fifth grades participated in the annual “Discover Your Heritage” camp, sponsored by Main Street Russellville. Students visited sites all over Logan County and even travelled to Simpson County one day to find out about civil war history at the Octagon House.

Some of the other places the group toured included the Fort Campbell, the Red River Meeting House, Robey Farms, Shakertown at South Union, the Auburn Museum, Lost River Cave, Savage Cave, the Logan County Animal Shelter.

On the final day of the camp, students took a walking tour of historic downtown Russellville and completed some fun outdoor art projects.

“The kids really seemed to be interested in the places they visited and had lots of fun while learning,” said Gooch.

This is the tenth year of the camp which began when Gooch wanted the kids to know about the place where they are from.

“When the children grow up and get to their first job, rather it be at McDonalds or somewhere else, when someone comes in and asks what is there to do in Logan County I want them to be able to answer,” said Gooch.

Gooch says they make the camp both fun and educational.

“We make it fun but they are learning different things as they go,” said Gooch. “The camp has grown a lot since the first year.”

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