ACO van located, shelter report given

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Although the decision to purchase a new animal control vehicle was already passed at a previous fiscal court meeting, an actual van has been located for $22,000 at a dealership in Franklin.

Humane Society director Tracy Moser told magistrates Tuesday she had found a van that was listed for $31,000, but said she could get it for less. Judge executive Logan Chick said the county would have to advertise for the purchase if it were over $20,000. Magistrate Jo Orange was disappointed, hoping the process could have been made quicker.

The animal control vehicle will be paid for and owned by the county and used to collect stray animals in Logan County. According to the contract between the Logan County Fiscal Court and the Logan County Humane Society, fuel for the vehicle will be the responsibly of the society, who gets a quarterly check from the county to pay for it.

Moser asked the court for a van instead of a truck, which is what animal control currently has. The truck is old and has many miles. There are also many things wrong with it. According to Moser it is not up to code. Moser said it would be beneficial for the vehicle to be larger and also have the ability to be washed out with a hose.

Moser gave a monthly shelter report for August at Tuesday’s fiscal court meeting. There were a 151 intakes in the month (47 cats and 104 dogs), 48 were surrendered, 5 were returns, 82 were stays, 6 were seized, and 10 were transferred in. Out of those numbers 37 were adopted, 4 reclaimed, 38 transferred to other shelters and rescues, and 64 euthanized (27 dogs and 37 cats).

In the months of May, June, July and August, according to the humane society reports, the shelter took in 618 animals (287 dogs and 331 cats). Out of those numbers 126 were adopted, 28 reclaimed, 134 transferred to other shelters and rescues, 3 dead on arrival, 1 escape, 2 stolen and 265 euthanized (42 for aggression, 186 for being either sick, injured, abused, or neglected, 25 for age, 3 for behavior and 9 due to being feral).

The society’s income for August is $21,129 with expenses at $14,121. Donations are up said Moser, which she feels is due to the community’s support.

Moser also noted in the August report that she is worrying about the winter at the current shelter for the animals and her staff. The building that houses the county’s stray animal population is not up to code, according to Moser, who would like to see the county build a new one. The Humane Society has been working on fundraising to help with a new building. Moser says she is working seven days a week problem solving to try and help come up with the funds.

Chris Cooper

To contact Chris Cooper, email or call 270-726-8394.

To contact Chris Cooper, email or call 270-726-8394.

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