Fiscal court discusses cruiser, jail pop

By Chris Cooper -

The Logan County Fiscal Court met Tuesday, Sept. 8 and discussed many topics, making decisions on some. Elected officials, as well as department heads gave their reports.

Sheriff Wallace Whittaker was back in court Tuesday after missing a few meetings. He reported there was a fire in the engine area of a 2011 cruiser two weeks ago. The insurance company is totaling the vehicle, but will most likely only be allowing $10,000. Whittaker says he needs $10,000 more from the court to put with $9,000 in drug fund money to purchase a new one. A new cruiser costs $24,000 without painting and equipment, which can round out the cost to $31,000.

Magistrates agreed buying a new vehicle was the way to go, but wanted the sheriff to come up with the money in his budget if possible.

“You have no more money in your budget?” asked magistrate Jo Orange. Whittaker said “no.”

Magistrate Thomas Bouldin made a motion to allow Whittaker to purchase the new vehicle, but then come back to the court to see how much he needed above what he could come up with. His motion was passed. Magistrate Dickie Carter was absent from the meeting.

There were 180 inmates in the county jail as of Tuesday morning, according to jailer Phil Gregory. Out of those, 89 are classified as state and 91 county.

Gregory reported collecting $82,706 for the month of August from the Commonwealth to pay for the daily stay of state inmates. However, Gregory also reported over 20 inmates sleeping on the floor at the jail due to overcrowding.

The brand new air conditioning unit went out at the emergency communication center. Director Ginger Lawrence said she didn’t think it was a serous issue, and it wasn’t affecting the center at this point. She also reported she had two employees at the academy, which means she is short help.

By Chris Cooper

To contact Chris Cooper, email or call 270-726-8394.

To contact Chris Cooper, email or call 270-726-8394.

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