Logan Chamber releases Strategic Plan

The Logan County Chamber of Commerce recently released its Strategic Plan.

According to Chamber Executive Director Ryan Craig, the plan is an important step that took months of planning and hard work.

“The Logan County Chamber Board of Directors has finalized the Chamber’s Strategic Plan. A big thanks to those who helped, gave advice and listened to the drafts (there were many), before we settled on the document,” said Craig. “Now, just because we’ve written one and adopted it, doesn’t mean it is to be placed on a shelf and gather dust. This is a living document subject to change, addition, subtraction as it becomes our guide from day-to-day over the next three to five years.”

Logan County Chamber of Commerce Strategic Plan

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Logan County Chamber of Commerce is to promote and develop strong businesses, and foster a more vibrant economy through leadership, education, governmental affairs, and community development, resulting in a better quality of life for all Logan Countians.

Vision Plan:

To support and inform our membership and be attentive to the needs of those we serve.

To be a champion of Logan County businesses and to recognize and publicize innovation, success and growth of those businesses.

To collaborate with the business community, local, state, and federal governments, and other like-minded organizations in accomplishing growth, and sustainable economic goals.

To enhance our quality of life.

Strategic Goals:

Goal one- Membership service and development

Objective: To recruit 20 new members each year (approx. 8 percent growth) with a retention rate of 94 percent of the current membership. This should give the Chamber 2-4 percent (depending on renewals) net membership growth each year. Also, the Chamber should have a better membership public relations campaign for renewals instead of just sending out renewal invoices each year.


Seek ways- such as TV, radio and other media (print, electronic and social) — to make the Chamber more visible to the membership and to Logan County.

Look for more member-added benefits for those who belong or are considering joining the Logan County Chamber of Commerce. Such benefits would be listed in a prominent place and given directly to members and would include items such as the weekly newsletter, an annual report, the Size-Up tool for business growth, promotional services such as advertising for events or the promotional videos and be an advocate and source of legislative (local, state and national) information, etc.

Continue new, more aggressive policies put in place earlier this year by the board which give a ribbon-cutting celebration to all new or expanding businesses regardless if they are members of the Chamber or not. Also, the use of 1-year celebrations for new business support and Coffee (or Tea) and Networking for existing businesses. At some point the Chamber should consider a quarterly networking event with a well-known guest speaker and invite the public to the event as well as the membership.

The Executive Director will continue visits of membership and will support the new Ambassador Visitation Project which is underway.

Goal Two- Develop and implement a retail initiative for recruitment and retention in Logan County

Objective: To seek, find and help develop retail for Logan County. Working alongside a committee selected by the board of directors, the executive director will put in place an initiative for retail recruitment and retention.


· Gather as much information as possible from metrics (such as Size-up) and other sources provided by the TVA and the ICSC (International Council of Shopping Centers) and local sources to develop strategies for retail recruitment for Logan County.

· Scout, recognize and map out possible sites for retail development in Logan County. Keep a database with as much information as possible with each site.

· Through metrics, identify and approach key retailers who have interest in Logan County or have placed retail in similar markets.

· On TVA consultant’s advice, executive director to visit Chattanooga (largest Gigabit City in the South) and find ways to recruit small tech businesses to only Gigabit City in Kentucky — Russellville. Actively recruit small, upcoming game, software designers and programmers to join a modified “Gigabit” incubator in Russellville to help develop a miniature high-tech conclave in Russellville.

Goal Three- Events and promotions

Objective: To continue to build the Chamber and Member profile through events and various promotions.


· Continue to facilitate, promote and build upon the past successes of the Annual Tobacco and Heritage Festival.

· Continue to have Annual Dinner to celebrate membership and the accomplishments of the business community in Logan County.

· Continue to have Women in Business celebration each year.

· Continue to plan, facilitate and promote Leadership Logan each year.

· Implement, facilitate, evaluate and promote Youth Leadership Program (2015-2016 Class will be inaugural year).

· Continue to promote events though all means available: Our newsletter; daily on the Chamber Chat TV show with Chamber membership on EPB SmartTV3; monthly program on WRUS; and in articles in the newspaper.

Goal Four- Develop and implement new programs

Objective: To develop and implement new programs to give the membership and Logan County services such as advocacy, business development, workforce development, education, and Chamber Membership interaction/relations.


· Educational programs (such as customer service and business development training seminars).

· Advocate for E-911 reform concerning billing on cell phones. Counties are showing massive loss of funding as more and more people get rid of land lines. We feel the issue affects government, citizens and businesses in higher costs for the most basic of services.

· Millennial interviews: A series of intense interviews with Millennials to determine what Logan County needs to retain and attract a younger, more skilled workforce. (Estimated completion by spring 2016.)

· Work on completing last phase of “Baseball Park Initiative” with white paper to be completed and recommendations made to the public. (Estimated completion by October 2015.)

· To develop using graphics, information and a story format a product to help membership retention. The product would be released with and as part of the annual invoices.

· To continue to help support, publicize and promote the Shop Local programs throughout the year, especially the Shop Local Sunday program following Thanksgiving in late November each year.

To contact Chris Cooper, email ccooper@newsdemocratleader.com or call 270-726-8394.

To contact Chris Cooper, email ccooper@newsdemocratleader.com or call 270-726-8394.

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