County contributes close to 10k for Logan County youth

By Chris Cooper -

Magistrates contributed close to $20,000 to the youth of Logan County at the Tuesday, Aug. 25 fiscal court meeting.

Greg Wilson, President of the Logan County Youth Football program, asked the court Tuesday for financial support for much needed equipment including helmets, shoulder pads, uniforms, balls, etc.

Wilson said there were 75 kids involved in the program, which was growing.

“During game days we anticipate over 300 in attendance by parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles,” said Wilson. “However, during play-offs that number can easily double.”

Wilson said that football was struggling in counties around Logan. He said he believed the program was heading in the right direction to not only improve, but to grow as well.

“Over seven years ago a group of parents came together to create a local board (Bluegrass Elite), to help grow awareness to football in our county,” said Wilson. “Through our program we help youth in the county learn the unity of teamwork and respect for others. Our goal is for these youth to grow to be active members in our county and give back in a selfless manner.”

The county unanimously agreed to contribute $10,000 towards the program. The funds will be facilitated through the Russellville Recreation Department.

Magistrates also contributed $2,000 to the Russellville Arts Council Choral Music program. The program encompasses both city and county students.

Larry Vaught, who works with the program, said it was the goal to include the elementary schools next. This is a matching contribution with the City of Russellville.

“This is a very good program,” said magistrate Jo Orange mentioning the contribution should be every year.

Magistrate Thomas Bouldin, who made the motion to give $10,000 to the football program said, “Not all kids like to play football. This is a good program.”

Next in line Tuesday to ask for funding was Jae Allison of The Givin’ Back program. Allison has been to the court in the past asking for support.

Allison is among a few who founded the program that is in its 1oth year. The program teaches kids the basics of basketball, mixed with life lessons such as responsibility and discipline. The program is open to everyone and even has participants from other counties.

Allison asked, and was granted funding to pay for six adjustable basketball goals for Hampton Park. The cost is approximately $1,200 per goal. Magistrate Thomas Bouldin made a motion to contribute $7,200 the program to be facilitated through the Russellville Recreation Department.

Magistrates told Allison they appreciated all he did for the youth of the community.

By Chris Cooper

To contact Chris Cooper, email or call 270-726-8394.

To contact Chris Cooper, email or call 270-726-8394.

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